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Challenge 2 Information

By brokina:

First off, it's 'see ya later' to bwlrbry, who was voted off this week from Slackers. Secondly, I want to personally apologize for all of the confusion from the first challenge. My bad. This time I will make it very clear as to what needs to happen. This contest isn't about rules it's about icons. Lastly, my computer is broken and I won't have access to any computer (except for when I come to my mom's like I am doing right now!) so everything will have to be dealt with by slayertv and all the other judges until I get back. This totally sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it.


I thought this next challenge to be appropriate since there are many fandoms and hardcore supports of those fandoms in this very contest. This week's contest is simple... Make an icon supporting your fandom. However, since this is just too easy, I've made some guidelines that must be followed. Be creative! Be witty! Good luck!

  • All icons must have "my fandom...." somewhere in the icon (example: for BtVS you could say, "my fandom has lesbian witches!" or something to that matter... you get the idea)
  • All icons must be animated
  • All icons must be submitted in a comment to this post.

That's all! Good luck to everyone!
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