John (slayertv) wrote in _icontest,

Mod Post

prevgirl made a good point over on the fans community (_icontest_fans) ... and us mods have decided that we're going to give this a try. So yep, everyone out there who wants to get the goods on what's happening behind the scenes go ahead and sign up for the team communities: _icontest_team1, _icontest_team2

We know that there are some devious methods that contestants from one team can use to join the other team, but we just hope you refrain from such practices because if brokina or I hear or find that anything of that sort has happened, guess who's out of the game ... YOU! We're doing this as a favor for everyone who's being a spectator this round because we want everyone to enjoy the game. So, those of you who aren't contestants, go ahead and sign up for the two team communties. You won't be allowed to post, but you will be allowed to view the entries. Please do not do anything to interfere with the proceedings. Thanks!
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