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To clarify some things

There are two and half hours left (EST time) for the teams to submit their remaining icons. In the cut below are all of the icons so far. For those of you who have not submitted your icons yet please do so in the first Challenge One post. Thank you!

That was from a couple posts back letting you all know how much time was left and some other news...

To submit your icons in this challenge just comment to this post with what team you are a part of (team 1 or 2 for now) and your icon. Simple as that. You have until Friday, May 7th at 11:59:59PM EST time to submit your icons. Good luck!

And that was apart of the original challenege post and you'd think people would know that the icons were being submitted in the ORIGINAL challenge post because not only was everyone else doing so, it is also in the rules, which by the way, you all have read.

I don't mean to be mean or brutal and I don't want to piss anyone off. However, I feel as though that is going to happen anyways. It's a game and by rules, Pixel Chix completed everything they had to do. They even made up for the slack of Marie by submitted another icon (I believe I talked to _getoverit about all that confusion). If at all, at any time, you are confused or don't know what you are supposed to do then e-mail me or you could personally message me at tiddlebit04. I'm sorry I didn't see the comment that you made earlier lenabee. That, obviously, was my bad if it was posted in the main community. If it was posted in your team's community I try not to comment to those... That's why I created team communities - For the teams to help each other out and communicate.

Once again, I'm sorry about all the confusion. Hopefully, things will become more clear after this post. I'm going to re-post the rules in an LJ-Cut below so that from now on there will be no confusion. Please re-read the rules and if you still have any questions then let me know!!

Each contest lasts approximately 2-3 months. So if you are not willing to put in the time, then do not bother submitting an application.

If accepted as a contestant, you must be willing to:
communicate with other members of your team
participate in each weekly event
join your team's community, either _icontest_team1 or _icontest_team2

Once all 16 members have been chosen by the judges, _icontest will become closed to certain types of posts. You can still be/become a member of the community, but posting will be restricted to allow only the contestants and the judges. However, everyone will be able to comment.

Every Monday the judges will announce the start of a new contest. .All submissions must be posted in the form of a comment to that entry before the following Thursday at 11:59:59 PM EST.

Once a contestant is voted off, he/she will no longer be able to post in the community but are more than welcome to stay and watch.

Once a decision is made by the judges and/or group on who they are voting out it is final. No exceptions.

As far as icons go, anything (as for content, graphics) goes as long as you abide by LiveJournal's rules, standards, and regulations.

Each of the two teams will be made up of eight people that have been chosen by the judges. Once we are down to the final eight people the game will become an individual competition.

If someone on your team has to forfeit a contest because they are not able to make the icon, do not have the resources to make the icon, did not get a chance to make the icon, etc. It will not count against the team as a whole but only to the individual who did not complete the contest.

Do not go to the judges' personal journals and beg them to pick you. If this occurs, you will receive an automatic disqualification.

When you fill out the application please put 'I love rock'n'roll' into the subject line so that the judges know you've read the rules. Failure to put this in your subject line will count as an automatic no from all of the judges.
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