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lauranobaka said: "So, this is my resignation from this challenge. Liken me to Osten if you will, but I';m quitting. I don't have time in my schedule for a challenge that isn';t organized well, and I;m going away for a week and a half in the middle of July anyway. This is in no way a bashing of the mods, I appreciate everything they've done and it was fun while it lasted.

Good luck to everyone!"

I know that the past few weeks have been horrible. My effort into this contest dropped dramatically. For the record, it's not that I wanted this too happen... Personal problems have risen and I've had to devote my energy to that instead of the internet.

Here's my question:

We've all made it this far. There's been mix ups, slight drama, and outcasts... Do you want to pull through and finish this contest or do you want to resign and we'll get this all started back up in Season Two (there WILL be a season 2)? Everyone who is in the game now will automatically be selected for s2 if you all want to do this. That would give everyone the summer off. We would start back up around September. IF this is something you want to do - tell me now. If you want to keep going (I DO!) then we'll do it! The challenges are almost over. I know that the challenges have been more sporadic lately but I'm working on that...

What do you think?

Final Words


Saying I'm shocked is the understatement of the year. But oh well, it was fun while it lasted, I suppose. I'll be sure to try out when the next contest rolls around. :)

And, I'm pretty sure I meant Challenge EIGHT but it seems my fingers got the best of me. Good luck this week, guys! There are... 9 left now? :) Everyone else from this point on that is voted off will be on the jury! Woot.


I'm sorry, bentfire, but you've been voted off.


This challenge is NOT timed and is due on July 3rd, 2004 (Saturday) by 11:59:59PM. Your new tribe name is Slacker Chix (I thought I read somewhere)... Your challenge is to make an icon for you new tribe. There are no restrictions in this challenge!

Please post your icons in this post!

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I would like to tell you who has been voted off but since only 5 people have voted, I can't. I'm not going to tell you what the votes are so far because that may or may not sway your votes. The remanding contestants who have NOT submitted a vote please do so in THIS post. Actually... How about we all just re-submit your votes. I'll give it till Monday just in case some of you are busy. New challenge on Monday, and it will NOT be a timed event. It will last all week like they used to.

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the good news: jedispyder, you have won immunity! congratulations!

the bad news: votes are due by tomorrow at 9pm.

[edit]: i'm not sure where ashley wants the votes, so i'm going to make this entry screened comments. but email it to the confessional place too, just to be safe. sorry for all the confusion and what not, i'm new at the making important posts gig.

Round Up

The icons were great this week. I happened to absolutely enjoy this round. To inform everyone of how voting is going for the judges... We are not allowed to vote for an icon that was made for us. So basically I'm not allowed to vote for an icon that was made for me... Make sense?

ROUND UPCollapse )

Challenge Seven


This is the first individual immunity challenge - I mentioned that this challenge would be a timed challenge and I didn't lie. These icons are due by TUESDAY at 11:59:59PM EST time. Basically, you have almost 24 hours to get this icon done.

This challenge is simple for the first single immunity and timed challenge... Here are the rules:

  • The icon must be re-defined (remember those icons less than 100x100?)
  • The icon must represent one of the judges

That's all there is to it. When I say it must represent a judge I mean... Pick a judge... Find out their interests... Make an icon. Period.

Submit each icon in a comment to THIS post. Have fun and good luck!

The results are in

Don't worry - We are still taking the rest of the week off and we'll get back to the game on Monday but I thought I'd make your weekends a bit more interesting. I've finally got all the votes in for the outcast challenge.


Unfortunately to the outcasts they will not have a chance to make it back in the game. All three icons were amazing and really should great teamwork from all the tribes. Good job guys.

With all that said here's the big news:

The MERGE is finally here. Tonight I'm going to close down all the team communities. All posts may now be made in this community. Confessionals are still due each week (you are only required to do one, though). Also - the challenges are going to be changing a little bit as well.. There could be timed challenges, reward challenges, etc.

Monday's challenge will be the first immunity challenge as well as a timed event. I'm giving you guys 4 days in advanced to know about this so if you aren't here to participate then that just means no immunity for you. So if you NEED immunity, you better be ready on Monday.

Now that there is a new team we need a new name! It's up to you guys to create your new team name and colors. Get creative and make an icon if ya want as well. This is an icon community, after all.