guys i am soooo incrediably fucking sorry!!!! my life was destroyed this week wth exams then graduation then my scuba exam and then i got sick!! i am sooooo sorry, your icons were fabulous this week btw!! i love you guys and i promice this will never happen again!!
*begs for forgivness*...dont hate meeeeeee :'''''(
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guys im soo sorry i dont know if ill be able to get my icon in this week, my bandwidth on photobucket was killed, and i have finals this week so i havent slept and the time tahat i had for free time i really just relaxed, im so sorry i hope that you guys dont hate me, and im sorry im coming to you so late, if i can ill try and get you an icon by tomarrow (before the deadline) or by tonight (not lookin good) im sorry again i love you guys good luck if i odont get to talk to you before.
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Credit - Faithlesssinner

(no subject)

This team is coming down to the last few people.... There are average icon makers, like myself, and amazing icon makers. Those of you who are average need to take charge and become ruthless or you will, in turn, be picked off and not given a chance to win the contest! Next time you put in your vote remember who you'd like to be put up against in the end. Someone amazing where there's no chance of winning or someone you know you could beat. Maybe instead of voting off the average icon makers people could start knocking off those of you who think you are in charge and bossing people around.

and dont worry. I will be back

oh and you might want to be careful. Someone who may not be able to read and understand the rules of posting and where to post the icons is going to cost you the whole team in the end

Bye everyone
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(no subject)

Hey guys! Here's my icon using the lyrics, I hope you guys like it, and if you dont, then tell me what you would change about it or what you think sucks lol, I REALLY like how the colors turned out on it! Purple and Green make a really hot scheme {RHYME}! **)
ok tell me what you think...
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(no subject)

i worked on it some more and got it to be under 40k but dont know if i like it but im not going to voice what i reeeally think until you guys tell me ;)
here it is:::

tell me what you think!!
oh and instead of doing an icon like this where its more colorful and stuff would you rather i did a darker icon, more like::

because i coould do that my only worry is that it would come out being too big in size, but tell me what you think and ill try and make it work ;) thanks guys
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(no subject)

hey here's my fandom icon, tell me stuff that you like or disslike about it! thanks, also it may not even be worth it because the icon iiiiiis over 40k, but i wasnt sure if we had to keep them LJ size or not!
here it is

tell me what you think!! thanks guys!!
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(no subject)

Hey guys, I'm going to be back soon to make the icons for the second challenge but im going through some rough family time right now and might not be able to get on until like thurseday, but DONT worry i'll get the icons done and AWESOME!!!
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6 and 8

here are icons made from pics 6 and 8, i hope these are good for you guys, it was strange making an icon that wasnt of a person or animal or somethin but it was fun lol!
o6/ o8/
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Contest Icons

heyy, i know i havent been around but my request thing just got done so im here now, here are the ones that i made last night:::

and lovely news: all my brushes got deleted from PS thats why i didnt make icxons for either of the two we still need, but in case you like any of those, thee they are, and im gonna get my brushes up as soon as i can and ill make the icons that are left so you can check them out ^^\
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