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Since this is the only contest community I have posting access in, I'm putting this here in hopes that SOMEONE will see it.

To start things off, I [and I'm sure I speak for just about everyone else] have no clue what is going on with the competition, and it would sure be nice to hear from one of the judges soon on the status. I'm getting rather impatient, and slightly irritated. I mean, there's four other judges without brokina, shouldn't you be able to run the show while she's away?

Secondly, early this coming Sunday morning I will be flying across country for my cousins wedding. I will be gone for two weeks, and will most likely have very limited internet access. And even if I do have access, I will probably not be taking advantage of it, as I haven't seen my family since I was a wee child. Some I've never even met, as they've just been born in the past few years. So if the contest starts up again anytime between now and August 14, I will not be participating in any challenges or votes. [But judging by the speedy way things have been moving along, I should be back in time.]

Thank you.
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Rumble in the Bronx?

This weeks challenge proved to be entertaining in more than one way. The icons were amazing from both teams and it really came close. This week it was 3 judges against 2... It was pretty close where as the last few have been just completely taken over by Pixel Chix.

However, this week proved unlucky for faithlesssinner as she was the third member voted off the game and off Slacker's team. Slacker's seem to be voting off the 'average' icon makers, which is just fine, but I'm starting to wonder if it is working out for their team. I actually liked faithlesssinner's icon this week and it was one of the reasons why I personally voted for team 2 and last week kirstee's icon was decent with what resources she had (she mentioned there weren't many screen caps of Friends online so she just used what she could get). Do you think team 2 is voting fairly and do you think its hurting or benefiting their team?

Also, I just noticed that a recent non-friends only post was made by faithlesssinner before I took away her posting rights. Check it out:

This team is coming down to the last few people.... There are average icon makers, like myself, and amazing icon makers. Those of you who are average need to take charge and become ruthless or you will, in turn, be picked off and not given a chance to win the contest! Next time you put in your vote remember who you'd like to be put up against in the end. Someone amazing where there's no chance of winning or someone you know you could beat. Maybe instead of voting off the average icon makers people could start knocking off those of you who think you are in charge and bossing people around.

and dont worry. I will be back

oh and you might want to be careful. Someone who may not be able to read and understand the rules of posting and where to post the icons is going to cost you the whole team in the end

Bye everyone

Interesting. I love it. What do you all think?