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Icon Request :)

Hello! Ive seen your icon requests.. and i love the way you do them! I was wondering if you can make me an icon.

if u would go to www.jackandkate.org/media/videos/jk/seasontwo/209x2.zip and save taget as

its a clip of jack and kate kissing <3* could u make an icon out of that? that says tell me this is real

Only if u can! Thanks so much!



Hey I was wondering if I could get an icon that says


then flashes to


then flahes to


And just have it match the colors in my journal and make it kinda cute. Thanks!!! I'll love you forever.

(no subject)

if you could make me an icon with the idea below i would be eternally grateful, i'm not a fan of any of mine and i would like a new unique one for some of my situations.
thanks ever so much in advance!

a sunrise with the words "Tomorrow's a brand new day"

~*~*Icon Request*~*~

I was wondering if I could get an icon that moves and say this..

"I live to be around you,
You take my breath away,
Can't help but talk about you,
Every night and day,
(insert heart),
I Love You Dale!"

in just a cute, lovey theme...
If Possible...

Thank You!!

small request

Hello! I was just wondering if you could take my current user pic and just add some text to it...I'd like for it to say, If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard. Thanks!!!