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Dear Acml,

I recently wrote to you telling you that we must do what God has called us to do. That is our obligation on this earth. Ultimately, it is our first, last and only obligation. WE MUST DO WHAT GOD HAS CALLED US TO DO!

Remember, not only do you have a purpose, but that purpose is great in the earth! Your purpose was fashioned and formed by the same God that hung the stars!

Your usefulness to the kingdom is determined by your commitment to purpose. God cannot confirm what He appointed you to proclaim if you fail to proclaim it… His endorsement is with your obedience! We MUST do what God has called us to do… individually & corporately.

God wants to show Himself to us, that He may live through us… Relationships are the currency of the KINGDOM and the Network of LIFE…  When God calls you – He always connects you!

-It is imperative to be spiritually connected to the right people, to make “covenant connections” – alignments. These are the connections that are God Ordained” to release His glory and fulfill His plan & purpose, individually and corporately.

You will not enter into the provision of His promises and“GREATNESS” for your life when you are disconnected from those God has ordained for your destiny.

You must begin to understand “mantles” and“impartation” – if you can submit, you will go farther than your mentor and teacher. You will do greater things than the one you sat under. When the mantle descends you will begin the process of being projected further. For your purpose- you are to be empowered, enabled, and employed…

Like I showed you before, in the bible, Elisha had the ability to fulfill his purpose in the earth from the time of his birth, but he was only positioned to fulfill his destiny AFTER BEING MANTLED BY ELIJAH!

Know that God is preparing and positioning you to be empowered in your purpose in every area of your life.
Batman & Robin ♥

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