Hi! Icon Request!

Size: 100x100
Background color:Pink/White if anything
Pictures: http://masamania.com/archives/pic/decorer29.jpg
Text: Rhi <3
Font: Something cutesy, not fussy.
Font Color: Yellow? Something that isn't dark and stands out.
Font Size: Medium, around about 12 - 14pt
Border: Yeah, if it looks good, as I said, I'm not fussy.
Border color: Pink, yellow, white.
Animation: Feel free to animate something.
Color or B&W: Color.
Other details: Thankyou!!

I made one, but someone will be able to make a better one, because I suck.

(no subject)

Size: Done
Background color: None
Pictures: three located under cut
Text: Picture one: "Bone Daddy" in the top left corner.
Picture two: "Dollface" in the bottom right corner.
Picture three: "01.13.05" in the center top.
Font: I'd like Adorable, but if not, something cursive like.
Font Color: White.
Font Size: Depending on the font, something small.
Border: None
Border color: None
Animation: Fade into each other
Color or B&W: Done
Other details: Everything is done but the animation and text. I want the font small , but bold/big enough to read clearly. Cute and curvy.
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(no subject)

Size: 100x100
Pictures: under the cut
Text: none
Font: n/a
Font Color: n/a
Font Size: n/a
Border: 1
Border color: black
Animation: none
Color or B&W: color (unless picture is already b&w)
Other details: I'd just like to be able to use a few icons of myself, and unfortunately I lack the ability to make icons of any sort, which is why I am here. I don't care what kind of effect you use, anything you make will be better than nothing! =)

My pictures. Even if you can only make one icon I will appreciate it.Collapse )

Thank you!


I've just re-upgraded to a paid account, which means I get ton o' icons.

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I could probably do these myself on my Mac (♥) at work, but I'm on vacation for a while with my disgusting PC, so I need some help, please.

If I've missed anything that I ought to have included, please let me know.

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(no subject)

Size: 100x100, please
Background color: n/a
Pictures: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/snmnstrz21/Dogs/head.jpg
Text: Trinka Deu
Font: Nothing specific. Something bold and legible.
Font Color: Either black or white
Font Size: Large enough to be read, but nothing so large it overwhelms the picture
Border: N/a
Border color: N/a
Animation: N/a
Color or B&W: Color
Other details: I would like the text to be in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.

Thanks in advance!