Kara Marie (angeleyez) wrote in _iconplease,
Kara Marie

Because every girl knows it's true...

Size: 100x100
Background color: white, please (accept for the picture)
Pictures: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v164/prayinfroggy/benandjerrys_choctherapy_f.jpg
Text: 1) Sure, they make a great date...
2) But they cheat on you like you wouldn't believe,
3) They'll go home with anyone...for the right price,
4) and like any other man, they still go straight to your hips.
Font: Arial is fine, bold and italicized
Font Color: Black
Font Size: Whatever is needed to make each line fill the square
Border color: Black is fine
Animation: Yes please, flash (Beginning with the picture of the ice cream, and then each line of text in a separate flash.
Color or B&W: Color
Other details: Feel free to get funky with this one if you'd like, but please keep the text the same! :)

Thanks soooo much!!!

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