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Italia icon

Looks like it's been a little dead around here, but I figured I'd ask.
Size: 100 x 100
Background color: pics, white on last slide
Pictures:  in that order please
Text: On final slide: Azzurri: Slasher's Dream
Font: Anything that looks cool
Font Color: Royal blue like their jerseys
Font Size: med/large
Border: Nope
Border color: n/a
Animation: Just switching from slide to slide, not too fast or slow
Color or B&W: Color
Other details: I'd like them cropped around the two main guys in each pic, please.  Thanks so much for your effort!

Because every girl knows it's true...

Size: 100x100
Background color: white, please (accept for the picture)
Text: 1) Sure, they make a great date...
2) But they cheat on you like you wouldn't believe,
3) They'll go home with anyone...for the right price,
4) and like any other man, they still go straight to your hips.
Font: Arial is fine, bold and italicized
Font Color: Black
Font Size: Whatever is needed to make each line fill the square
Border color: Black is fine
Animation: Yes please, flash (Beginning with the picture of the ice cream, and then each line of text in a separate flash.
Color or B&W: Color
Other details: Feel free to get funky with this one if you'd like, but please keep the text the same! :)

Thanks soooo much!!!

Request please?

Size: 100x100
Text: None.
Border: If it'll work, 1 pixel.
Border color: Black.
Animation: Yes please.
Color or B&W: Colour.
Other details: Can I please have it cropped to just the slap, sped up a tiny bit if possible? I had another icon done here and it needed to be cut down a bit to be an acceptable file size, so whatever you need to do to get it under 40 KB is fine.
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(no subject)

Size: 100x100

Background color:

Pictures: either [IMG][/IMG] or [IMG][/IMG] They can be cropped if they need to be.

Text: 08/19/06
Font: I don't know
Font Color: It would depend on where it is on the icon, black or white?
Font Size: small
Border: yes, small
Border color: black
Animation: no
Color or B&W: color
Other details: Sorry if I am not giving enough detail. I don't have something exact that I want. If you think something will look good go for it.
Stepped into the Twilight Zone

(no subject)

Size: 100 x 100
Background color: --
Text: Either Hero or Daddy
Font: Whatever you think looks best.
Font Color: Whatever you think looks best.
Font Size: Whatever you think looks best.
Border: No, thanks.
Border color: --
Animation: No, thanks
Color or B&W: Color.
Other details: Can you have the text over Elliot's hand. Use whatever text looks best (either Hero or Daddy)

(no subject)

Size: 100 x 100
Background color: --
Text: We only do it for the scars and stories ...not the fame
Font: verdana, arial, tahoma, broadway..whatever you think looks best.
Font Color: white
Font Size: small enough so the picture can still be seen. so probably medium would look best.
Border: sure. slightly thicker than the 1 pixel border if possible.
Border color: black.
Animation: nope.
Color or B&W: color.
Other details: If possible..could you please have "We only do it for the scars and stories" on one line and "...not the fame" on another line. [without the quotation marks of course :)]

Please feel free to be creative and use your own judgement on what looks good.


Thanks so much!