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Icon Madness


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_iconmadness was created for all of you who get sick of all the icon communities being just one fandom. Sometimes you see ideas that inspire you for OTHER fandoms on single-fandom communities, so...that’s what this one is here for.

This is a competitive icon community – banners WILL be made for winners every week.

Each week a theme will be announced on Monday. Icon makers have until Friday to submit their icons. Voting will begin Saturday and end Sunday. Both voting and submissions will be done through screened comments. First through third place will be announced, with possible moderator’s choice award given.

The Rules:

1. This community is multi-fandom. HOWEVER. The accepted fandoms are limited. Please to click here for a list of what is allowed. If you have a fandom that is NOT on the list, but that you'd like to do - go ahead and ask us about it. It's definitely possible we forgot one. Please be prepared to be rejected, however.
2. Please do not vote for an icon simply because it’s your favorite fandom. Please vote based on the icon itself – not the fandom it’s centered in.
3. Icons must be new! Please no older icons, and we'd prefer if you made them especially for the theme. Do not post them up before the contest is over! Also, DO NOT submit icons that you have entered in other icon communities' contests. If you do so we will have to disqualify the entry.
4. One icon per fandom per person. This means: You may make one FMA icon and one GW icon in one week, but not two FMA icons. Try not to go overboard and do every fandom on the list to up your chances of winning, either. Be fair about it.
5. You may vote for up to three icons. Please vote in order of your favorites so the mods aren’t confused. You MAY vote for your own icon, but please don’t advertise yourself all over the place and get your friends to come vote for you. Voting is only open to members of the community.
6. Icons must be made from official art. Whether it's screencaps, official anime images, manga images, etc. No fanart, doujinshi, cosplay, or anything like that. Sorry. Because of this poll, we've decided to allow Doujinshi. When using doujinshi, you MUST list at the very least, the NAME of the doujinshi. We'd perfer to have the circle too, if possible.
7. ANYONE WHO FLAMES ANYONE ELSE GETS BANNED. PERIOD. No warning, no nothing. Just get your shit and OUT.
8. Proper credit must be given in the keywords if you wish to take one of the icons submitted here for personal use. Also, make sure you ask the icon maker directly for permission.
9. For word themes: Icons must have the word or a derevitive of the word used as a theme. For example: if the word is “Dark” it must appear on the icon somewhere, whether just as ‘dark’ or as ‘darkness’, ‘darker’, etc.
For lyrical themes: it MUST contain any 3 consecutive words from the provided lyrics
10. Icons must fit livejournal criteria- 100x100 pixels or less and no more than 40 kb.

How to Submit:

Once the theme is given you have until Friday ends to get your submissions in. Comment to the specified post (comments will be screened so do it signed in- not anonymously) with this information:

Your icon submission: < img src= " url goes here " > (remove spaces)
URL of icon:
Character(s) featured in icon:
Fandom the icon is for:
Anything else we may need to know:

For Example:

URL: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y150/IconMadnessCommunity/Week%2016/Week16-16.jpg
Character(s): Link
Series: Legend of Zelda
Comments: Icon was made by tsukitaichou

I will be uploading the icons to a photobucket account specifically for the community so voting can remain anonymous and you won’t be biased because so-and-so did a certain icon.

How to Vote:

Voting is done screened comment style, by replying to the post with the entries (logged in).

Make sure to have your votes in by the end of Sunday.

And any member can vote! Whether or not you made an icon doesn’t matter.

Banners will be awarded to all three places weekly, and the winning icon will be set as the community default.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let the moderators know (a moderator list is below).



Banner Makers


Banner maker on-call: dragon_gypsy

Winners for Previous Weeks

"Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth" by Marilyn Manson // Week 1 - banners
"Seasons" by Good Charlotte // Week 2 - banners
"Underground" by David Bowie // Week 3 - banners
Card // Week 4 - banners
Shine // Week 5 - banners
"Mirror" by Gackt// Week 6 - banners
Dirt // Week 7 - banners
"Hu Die" by Rene Liu // Week 8 - banners
Memory // Week 9 - banners
Something Dire by Thou Shalt Not // Week 10 - banners
Truth is a Whisper by The Goo Goo Dolls // Week 11 - banners
Crucify My Love by X-JAPAN // Week 12 - banners
Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles // Week 13 - banners?
Clockwatching by Jason Mraz // Week 14 - banners
Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones // Week 15 - banners
Colorblind // Week 16 - banners
One Word // Week 17 - banners
Bleed For Me by Saliva // Week 18 - banners
Blood // Week 19 - banners
Sun by Assemblage 23 // Week 20 - banners
True Life by Lights of Euphoria // Week 21 - banners
Star No Star by Jack Off Jill // Week 22 - banners
Blinded// Week 23 - banners
Eclipse by Apoptygama Berzerk // week 24 -banners
Fire // week 25 - banners
I Am For You // week 26 - banners
Winter Holidays // week 27 - banners?
Monochrome // week 28 - banners?
Resources Provided // Week 29 - Banners
7 Deadly Sins // Week 30 - banners?
Lie // Week 31 - banners
Textless // Week 32 - banners?
Villians // Week 33 - banners
Blue // Week 34 - banners?
Yaoi // Week 35 - banners
Eyes // Week 36 - banners
Yes // Week 37 - banners
Suspension by Mae // Week 38
Humor // Week 39 - CURRENT

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