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Week 36 - Eyes

I've decided to announce this week's theme early, to allow everyone a couple more days to enter. Maybe we'll get more entries this way.

This week's theme is from fortunadevinis by way of the SUGGESTION POLL.

The theme is EYES.
And not because I have an obssession with them.

This is open to interpretation, of course, but I pretty much expect one of the following:

-the icon focuses on the character's eyes, such as being a close up or having only the eyes colored in

-the word "EYES" is on the icon

-both of the above

You can make up to five icons, as long as each one is from a different FANDOM.
You may use doujinshi, but you may NOT use fanart or cosplay unless it's your own, or you can prove you have permission.

Submit icons like this:

URL: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y150/IconMadnessCommunity/Week%2034/Week34-06.jpg
Character: Iason Mink
Series: Ai no Kusabi
Font: Thryromanes
Doujinshi Used: None
Comments: Anything we need to know, such as this icon was made by me, tsukitaichou

Please to remember that I am not familiar with all the fandoms that are allowed.
If I don't know the fandom and you don't list it with your submission, I will have to disqualify your icon. Please don't assume that I know - chances are that I don't.

I'm sorry about this, but I can't really organize it if I don't know where it goes, right? ^^;

If you forget, I'll remind you, and you'll have until the voting post goes up to tell me the character(s) and series.

Don't forget to VOTE for "Yaoi" icons!

AFFILIATE PIMPAGE: lyrical_ff - loveless_icons - Loveless Icons; doujin_awards - Doujinshi Awards; sh_icontest - Silent Hill Icontest; dc_icontest - DC Universe Icon Awards
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