Ok. This is so overdue. I was about to get things updated when I came down with the measles, and things haven't been quite straight since. I apologize to all the community members. Everything will be back on schedule on Friday, September 15th

Results, new theme, and some other updates and such i'm working, will all be up and active this coming Friday.

Thank you again for all of your patience.

- Acky

Results: Week 40 - Cropped Face

Hey. Acky, your new mod, here with the results of Week 40 - Cropped Face. I hope i'm doing things right - feel free to whack me on the head if not.

Collapse )

I will be doing the voting post for the challenge "Dreams" later on this evening. Entries will be accepted up until that post is published.

friendships, if you can't make the banners for Week 39 let me know. I understand if you're swamped, but just let me know then and I can do it. I want to make sure to get a banner to __ame__ as soon as possible.

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