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Icon Crazy

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We're Icon Crazy! (duh)
We make icons, banners and BG's (backgrounds) for your enjoyment. All comments are LOVED, and crediting is greatly appreciated if you take anything.

The Mods of this Community are thinking_thing and lilfaeriegirl

Co-mod is _lhiannan_sidhe

Posting Rules

1. When posting icons please try and provide as much information on their nature as possible. for example, you should always try to include things such as the subject of the icons, the program used to make them, the source of any brushes or screen captures etc.

2. When posting more than 4 icons, please place them behind an LJ Cut (if you don't know how just ask).

3. Please refrain from posting negative and offensive comments specifically targetted at insulting someones work. This will not be tolerated, and we will all take great pleasure in mocking you outrageously ;-)

4. If you plan on taking any icons posted here for your own use, post a comment on the relavent posting to give some feedback and ask the permission of the artist. Also, be sure to credit the artist when you use the icon in your own journal.

5. Enjoy! and remember, we all love that lovely warm fuzzy feeling we get when our icons are appreciated, so dont forget to comment on the ones you like, even if you do not intend on taking them! ;)

Brushes and image/font sites used by thinking_thing

http://www.otherplaces.net - Stargate Sg-1 Screen Captures

http://www.thalassasg1.com.br/ - Stargate Sg-1 Screen Captures and an excellent set of brushes for PS (photoshop) - appears to have been closed down unfortunately

http://www.annikavonholdt.com/brushes/ - Another amazing brush site, with some truely beautiful brush sets. Perhaps more for creating backgrounds with than actual icons.

http://www.8nero.net/brushes/ - Another good site for brushes

http://www.swallowingshadows.nu/nefarious/ - website for quebelly's icons and brushes

http://www.dafont.com - The place to go if you are looking for fonts.

http://veredgf.fredfarm.com/vbrush/main.html - A very usefull brush site that also has a brush search engine.

http://www.framecaplib.com/lotrlib.htm - Teh place to go for all your LOTR screen cap needs.

http://www.livejournal.com/community/cap_it/ - This is where i get most of my Cap's from nowaday's. It is the Shiznit. Just check out the memories section *drool*.

More will come as and when i use/remember them :)

Brushes and image/font sites used by lilfaeriegirl

I've gone to all the sites above that Sir thinking_thing has been to, im currently working with those right now.
I also get my text brushes from brushaddicts

All my bases come from basicbases and base6

All my smoke/haze/lightning/makeup/blood/crack/scar brushes come from: http://www.prettybrush.cjb.net

both thinking_thing and lilfaeriegirl get tips from icon_tutorial

lilfaeriegirl does not do requests unless she is bored. Ask, but you might get a No.

thinking_thing will take on requests if he has the time. he asks that you at least show him any source material you wish to use if there is any. If he likes the subject matter he'll make some crazy ass funky shizzle that will probably rock your world. He does so very much like making teh pretties. If however, it is a shit idea...he will say so, and proceed to make you something infinitely better at a leisurely pace.

_lhiannan_sidhe doesn't do requests, and she uses everything everyone else uses.

credit for the lovely graphic used in this layout, and the icon, goes to the amazing icon_goddess, vblackangelv