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Obviously this is an icon community... I basically made it for myself, but i decided if anyone wanted to ever join to let them.

If for some strange reason anyone wants to join, thats fine, but you must follow just a few rules:

-ALWAYS give credit to those who make the icon, even if it is just a base.

-Put a lj-cut after a Max of 4 icons.

-If there's anything that may offend someone also put it behind a lj-cut.


-Be nice

-Do not just come in here to advertise only. If you'd like to advertise your community, please post icons to keep the community on topic.

-We will not alter icons unless you have the original makers permission to do so.

-Please don't ask for:
1) Codes
2) Override help
3) Layouts

-Thanks Guys, <33333

How to credit in your keywords:
Here (created by merky)
FAQ #95

How to make the lj cut tag:
Here (created by dreamangel86)


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