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Icon Awards' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Icon Awards

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More Nominations [Friday
April 8th
8:33 PM 2005]

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{3} CMT

More Nominations [Sunday
March 27th
12:13 PM 2005]

Am I the only one nominating? ;__;

whheeCollapse )

March 16th
7:57 PM 2005]

It's okay if I nominate again now since a week has passed?

funfunfun, i think this is SUCH a fun communityCollapse )

what can i donate to help with this community? this is my fav community~ so fun!
{2} CMT

March 6th
11:42 AM 2005]

whee~ *n00b*
I hope I did this right :x (6 nominations)Collapse )
{6} CMT

March 4th
9:42 PM 2005]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I hope this is right...

six nominations, yo~Collapse )

{1} CMT

February 28th
6:58 PM 2005]
[ mood | happy ]

Ready to see Week 1's shinies? Clickage!



Round-up is tonight! [Friday
February 25th
2:52 PM 2005]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm going to be doing the round-up tonight at 10 PM EST. If anyone still wants to nominate icons you should do so now.

Only one category will have a default winner. So, may I suggest people nominate some icons for Best Color Themed to change that?

Anywhore, a bunch of thanks goes out to everyone who nominated icons for the past week and a half. You were all a big help in the first week of _iconawards and I love you guys all to bits. Thank you guys so much.

Oh, duh! I'm going to be setting up a poll sometime this weekend asking what the first 'special category' should be for next month, too. So keep an eye out for that. If you have any suggestions, please contact me via email or comment.

{4} CMT

February 24th
2:47 AM 2005]

NOMINATIONS = FUN! Well just going to list down some icons that I think that are really kick ass! I hope i nominated right >.>;

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{2} CMT

February 23rd
6:20 AM 2005]

The new layout is up! I didn't have any good ideas, but hopefully this will be okay too. Liz, change whatever coding you feel is necessary, okay? I overrid the userpics/links so that it looks like a regular journal, most of you will be viewing from your friends pages so it shouldn't cause a problem ^^ I just found that the icons and userlinks got in the way and made everything sort of... tacky looking.

Layout should be 100% Mozilla friendly. And now for something ELSE I've been meaning to do here:

Nominations: Read more...Collapse )
{4} CMT

Whee! [Saturday
February 19th
8:51 PM 2005]

[ mood | grateful ]

Wow guys. XD Thanks for nominating so far this week. Heck, we'd almost have enough to do the round up tonight even if it's only been half a week.

But we still have some pretty empty categories. If you haven't nominated yet, may I suggest icons for "Kick Ass", "Color Themed", "Camera", "Sexy", "Out-of-the-Box", "Caption", "Artistic" and "Animated"?

Also, I noticed a few things: First - Caption means original text.. so, yanno, no song lyrics and poems from other people. If you don't know then don't put it there? XD Otherwise, random sayings on icons by the person's own head works.
Plus, for Most Artistic icons - I'm gonna have to ask for proof that they totally made the icon from themselves and not some other source(picture and all). If you nominated icons into the category the past few days and it doesn't apply or you don't think it does, please comment here to tell me so I can take it off the list I have so far.

I think that's all for now.


February 19th
5:13 PM 2005]
[ mood | weird ]


Clickage Oy!Collapse )

{4} CMT

February 19th
1:34 PM 2005]

[ mood | amused ]


under the cutCollapse )

those are all the noms :D!! ^^;;


I hope I did it right... [Friday
February 18th
7:12 PM 2005]

[ mood | blank ]


Hope I did it right.. yogurt doesn't kill me..

{2} CMT

February 17th
8:27 PM 2005]

Watch me do this incorrectly. Even though I read yogurt's post 28903731 times D:

My nominationsCollapse )

I had a question about whether my nomination for Best Color Themed counted as "multicolored"; I wasn't exactly sure what you call multicolored... And I hope my really tiny text brush I used for my icon doesn't count as words (for best wordless), but if it does, I'll change it as well.

But I hope I did that correctly. ;_____;
{7} CMT

Sample Nomination Entry! [Thursday
February 17th
10:24 PM 2005]

[ mood | Modishly ]

Well, some people are confused leik woah on how to nominate. Since I'm a perfect role model (HAHAHAHA*COFF*) I'll demonstrate! Though, these are REAL nominations I'll be counting in next week's roundup, too. But this entry will be memorized and linked in the community's info as well.

First off, if you have a considerable amount of icons you are nominating (say 3) you don't have to put it behind cut. But to avoid deaththreats from people who have the community friended, lets just play the lj-cut code as our friend when we go over that amount. Don't know what one is? I'll show you! You simply put "<lj-cut text="link title here">" and put a title for the link. I'mma choose "Nominations - Ahoy!" for mine, since I'm so snazzy and original. XD So, it'll end up looking like this:
<lj-cut text="Nominations - Ahoy!">
Nominations - Ahoy!Collapse )

Good luck guys! <3 You've all been doing a teriffic job.


Nominations [Thursday
February 17th
9:38 PM 2005]

[ mood | content. ]

nominationsCollapse )

ya, because i can't nag for everyone else to nominate if i don't. cough.

i think that's eight.

{2} CMT

February 17th
8:59 PM 2005]

Thought I'd try this...hope I do it right and that it like...isn't wrong?

It's so hard to choose...and I'm biased to the ones I just made...Collapse )
{3} CMT

I'LL NOMINATE.=D [Wednesday
February 16th
10:16 PM 2005]

[ mood | blank ]

i'll put my nominations behind here. =D;;Collapse )

um. little bit of an introduction? I'm shime. This is my icon journal. I think I did everything right, but I'm not sure. =D;;;

{3} CMT

Modly Postage~ [Wednesday
February 16th
8:08 PM 2005]

[ mood | anxious ]

Well.. we are still waiting for the new layout. But you guys can start to post nominations whenever you want. The cutoff/roundup date will be at the end of the month: Feburary 26. That gives you two good weeks. Remember to check the rules & category posts if you haven't yet.

There won't be a special category this first round. Sorry.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

Oh! And uh, don't forget to pimp out the community? 'cause I'd love it if you did. <3 There are some banners in the links post, if you want to use them.


Links/Affiliates/Promoted [Saturday
February 12th
12:50 PM 2005]

[ mood | busy ]

Much luff.<3Collapse )

{2} CMT

Icon Award Sets [Saturday
February 12th
12:48 PM 2005]

[ mood | busy ]

Whee.Collapse )


Category Descriptions. [Saturday
February 12th
12:01 PM 2005]

[ mood | busy ]

Under Here!Collapse )


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