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[tng] dee;; all you can say is stimulati

picspam; It was an invitation I simply couldn’t pass up; The Pretender

I am so late to this party I am practically a one woman fandom but I am undeterred. My love knows no bounds nor loneliness. I love this episode, the T-Board is so unnecessarily creepy (I mean, what is up with the dwarf typist and the old woman in the rocking chair? Not to mention Raines being his normal creepy, wheezy self) and Lynchian and, as always, my heart goes out to Miss Parker ♥ Whom I love with a fiery passion. (and Broots and Sydney too!) Dedicated to hihoplastic & antiqueskies for introducing me to my newest epic tv love. If you don't watch maybe you should!

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[ats] darla;; paying for her sins

picspam; Four hundred years and still too short, Darla <3

Darla; vampire, mother, lover, whore.

This was made for whedonland's picspam challenge, I was originally going to do all of my favourite female characters from Joss' back catalog of AWESOME. But I don't have the ability of selection and I went overboard with screencaps of Darla, so I kinda stopped there. But do not worry because my Anya picspam is so nearly complete (a year in the making) and I suspect I will do all my favourite Joss women separately as I go along in my life...

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