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03 July 2011 @ 08:19 pm

50 ladies I love from the Telly.
This is a collection of fictional women I love or once loved for so many reasons. THE TELLY IS JUST FULL OF AWESOME WOMEN OK?
So there are a few ladies missing who on another day may have ended up on the list.

find all of them under here :) it's image heavy!Collapse )
28 May 2011 @ 04:36 pm

Made for the fandomverse challenge Because I Love You. I mean who does love Leslie/Ben?

Warning. The picspam is image heavy.

He is terrible face-wise.Collapse )

A picspam of some of Sophie Devereaux's loveliest alias' ♥ For the prompt Dressed up @ fandomverse's big bang.

I'm a grifter.Collapse )

I am so late to this party I am practically a one woman fandom but I am undeterred. My love knows no bounds nor loneliness. I love this episode, the T-Board is so unnecessarily creepy (I mean, what is up with the dwarf typist and the old woman in the rocking chair? Not to mention Raines being his normal creepy, wheezy self) and Lynchian and, as always, my heart goes out to Miss Parker ♥ Whom I love with a fiery passion. (and Broots and Sydney too!) Dedicated to hihoplastic & antiqueskies for introducing me to my newest epic tv love. If you don't watch maybe you should!

Who are those guys in the shadows?Collapse )
20 January 2010 @ 06:42 pm
You are my Pandora
You brought me and the rest of the world to our knees.
an Adelle DeWitt/Laurence Dominic fanmix

Mr Dominic is my eyes and ears.Collapse )

In celebration of my discovery, thanks to antiqueskies, and subsequent devouring of the show Coupling (WATCH IT) I have made this picspam. My favourite scene of the last episode because I flove Patrick and Sally. ♥

Sally, I do not want you to look in that box.Collapse )
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Darla; vampire, mother, lover, whore.

This was made for whedonland's picspam challenge, I was originally going to do all of my favourite female characters from Joss' back catalog of AWESOME. But I don't have the ability of selection and I went overboard with screencaps of Darla, so I kinda stopped there. But do not worry because my Anya picspam is so nearly complete (a year in the making) and I suspect I will do all my favourite Joss women separately as I go along in my life...

A little talk from me about why I love Darla and then on to the pictures and quotes! yay!Collapse )

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