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100 movie icons.

irinafan posted this:

he 10 x 10 Icons meme
1. Pick 10 (of your) fandoms.

2. Make 10 icons for each of the 10 fandoms.

3. Post them! ^^

and I thought what a wonderful idea! I must do it (especially since I haven't made icons since August!) so I sat down and I tried to write a list of 10 fandoms I would like to icon. Not as easy as it may sound. SO I eventaully decided to choose 10 movies, 10 tv shows/characters, and 10 actresses. Still it was very hard. Anyway the first installment is 10 movies. Thusly I give you 100 icons (I am good at maths)

[10] Batman Returns
[10] Big Fish
[10] Fido
[10] Fur
[10] Golden Compass
[10] The Hours
[10] Magnolia
[10] Mary Poppins
[10] Moulin Rouge!
[10] X Men trilogy


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unnecessary comment from the maker:

So there ya go. 100 icons. 10 is surprisingly little though and its hard to just choose 10 caps! I have a funny red thing going on, I do quite like it but everytime I finish an icon batch I always feel blah. It's like cooking- I LOVE cooking but I don't want to eat what I make :( Oh well. You may have also seen a slight bias in screencap choice. Well tough :D Next up is Actresses and then tv. Also you may wonder why I am posting when I should be having fun in the holiday period. Well, I am so bored. My family has gone and there is nothing decent on the tellies.

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