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[ats] darla;; paying for her sins

picspam; Four hundred years and still too short, Darla <3

Darla; vampire, mother, lover, whore.

This was made for whedonland's picspam challenge, I was originally going to do all of my favourite female characters from Joss' back catalog of AWESOME. But I don't have the ability of selection and I went overboard with screencaps of Darla, so I kinda stopped there. But do not worry because my Anya picspam is so nearly complete (a year in the making) and I suspect I will do all my favourite Joss women separately as I go along in my life...

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[tng] dee;; all you can say is stimulati

huge icon dump.

I do hate to use the word dump. But that is what this is.

This is just what has been collecting in my icon folder recently, some were made for challenges/giftgiving @ whedonland others were just made. There is a tonne of Joss stuff and some other stuff too. Plus some wallpapers that were made for challenges/gifts.

[74] Angel & Buffy (Anya, Darla, Angel, Drusilla, Fred, Spike, Buffy and some combination of those characters)
[14] Do you want to date my Avatar
[6] Julie Benz
[6] Misc (X Files, Gillian Anderson, True Blood, Inglourious Basterds)
[4] Firefly (Mal/Inara)
[5] Wallpapers (Fanged Four, Spike/Angel, Adelle)


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