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[tng] dee;; all you can say is stimulati

In my heart I believe.

It has been ages since I posted! February!! I have made some Lost icons which I will post asap. Now that school's finished for the year I suspect there will be an increase in picspams and icons! ♥

To start my rejuvenation off I have made a picspam of the film Sweet Land. I watched it for the first time last night and it was so astoundingly beautiful and subtle and just incredible! There are not enough positive adjectives to describe it! So I picspammed it instead!! I definitely recommend you allll check this film out!

And without further ado;

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[tng] dee;; all you can say is stimulati

Fatty had a party and nobody came.

A Lauren Graham/Matthew Perry Picspam

I was going to begin with how I don't usually RPS but that would be a lie. There are real people I ship, but I ship them in the 'I-think-they-have-chemistry-and-are-hot' way not in the 'I-want-them-to-hook-up-and-make-babies-now-plz' way. BUT Lauren and Matthew are an exception to this. I want them to get together so bad. I know that is creepy and all kinds of weird but they are amazing together. This picspam is a result of that desire.

Hope you enjoy.

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