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[TV Casting] Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona
This place is rotten to the core.

It's 1872, the war is over and America is pusin' out their frontier. There is a lot to be gained out in the Wild, a man can make his fortune in silver and gold, or he can lose everything he holds dear. The fabric between our world and the spirit world is weak here, things can slip through causin' mischief and mayhem. In the town of Tombstone, Arizona the veil is particularly thin.

Florence St Dee has rode on in and made Tombstone her home and hunting demons is her way of life. With help from a town full of complicated characters Florence has to make her way in a mans world that's being taken over by monsters.

'Tombstone, Arizona' would be an hour long dramedy/supernatural thriller, with the look of Deadwood, a Buffy/Whedon vibe and a touch of Supernatural and a little Wisteria Lane. The 'demons' would be more like creatures/abnormal beings rather than possessions, there are religious themes and a good vs evil plot but no direct religious link between the monsters. Each week would aim for a balance between the action of the plot, the supernatural elements, and the character development taking place in town. The motw storyline would range from less threatening mischief type monsters who steal the horses that the characters investigate to more dangerous, blood thirsty, monster who attack the town rampaging, or less threatening creatures/positive beings like a genies. There will be motw episdoes mixed in with an over arching storyline involviong the 'Good vs Evil' plot.

The monsters would be drawn from all folklore, mythology and religion.


"If you're as bad at poker as you are at defending yourself I'm gonna have to take you to the saloon right now and earn me some money."

Florence St Dee
Jaimie Alexander
Florence was orphaned when she was 6 years old and raised by a Demon hunter called William Glens. He taught her all she knows about the fight and she learned it well. She's a quick shot and has a mean right hook. She is confident, brazen and compassionate, demon hunting not because it's the only thing she's known but because she genuinely loves it. She enjoys getting right in there and getting her hands dirty. She has travelled the land and has made a lot of friends and quite a few enemies too, those who don't take to kindly a woman behaving like she does.

Notes & Casting
I saw Jaimie in Thor and LOVED her. I think that mixture of steely warrior woman yet happy/smiley/fun girl is the personality I would want for Florence. Plus she is incredibly beautiful and I'd love to see her have her own show.

"You ain't her and you never will be."

Frank ‘Four Fingers’ Holiday
Daniel Craig
Four Fingers is an outlaw. He is gruff and rude and loves to fight. All of which regularly get him into trouble, with the other outlaws and the man. He met Florence after becoming a demon hunter himself and the pair struck up a friendship. He trusts her implicitly and travels with her because he's got nowhere else to go. His prickly exterior hides his broken heart and the grief he feels over the gruesome murder of his wife, Cassandra. He loved Cassandra more than anything, she was killed in an occult sacrifice and now he is set on getting revenge.

Notes & Casting
Every day I want to kiss Daniel Craig on the mouth. That's good enough reason as any, right? Also he is going to be a cowboy in Cowboys & Aliens so when I was thinking about the casting of this he popped into my mind. Also he can do brooding/angry really well.

"I don't know if...this is really me."

Jed Harris
Tom Hiddleston
Jed is the son of Pastor Harris who is the leader of the most popular of Tombstones four churches. Expected to follow in his ailing father's footsteps Jed is suffering a crisis of faith and conscience. Unsure of who he is, should be or wants to be, he spends a lot of time wandering in the wilderness and contemplating the meaning of life. This is where he is attacked by a demon and promptly rescued by Florence. The pair stike up a quick friendship based on mutual curiosity of the world and a lot of one sided teasing.

Notes & Casting
Tom Hiddlestone is so cute and he and Jaimie has AMAZING chemistry. I shipped Sif/Loki and idc.

"You can look but you can't get nothing for free these days!"

Sally Salisbury
Lotte Verbeek
A prositute with a heart of gold. Sally has been making her own way for a long time but never lets it dampen her moods. She is proud of her achievments, however small and unseemly. Although her life has been the bad side of rough she always wears a smile. Sassy, witty and kind she is never short of work. She met Florence a bit further east when they were younger and they've been friends ever since.

Notes & Casting
There was no way I was going to create a tv show about the old west and not have a character who is a prostitue. I am nothing if not predictable. I chose Lotte Verbeek because she is incredible talented and utterly gorgeous in a very real way. I stole the name from an 18th century prostitute :)

"You complainin'?" "Nope, wouldn't dream of it darlin'."

Jeannie & Rhett Bauldlaire
Lena Heady & Sean Bean
Jeannie and Rhett own 'The Victory', the best damn saloon in Tombstone. Jeannie is forward, sarcastic, nosey and enjoys a good drink with the customers. Rhett is reserved, stoic and reliable. They have a happy marrige going on 15 years and are very much in love.

Notes & Casting
This is just an elaborate plan to see Cersei Lannister and Ned Stark kiss. No, not really, maybe a little. I first decided to cast Lena as Jeannie because she has only played serious mothers on tv so far and I love her smirk and want to see it more! As Jeannie she'd be able to do a lot of smirking and tell some jokes, and generally be snarky and awesome. I think she has a great sense of homour irl and she could bring a lot to this role. So once that was decided I thought 'who could be her husband' and I chose Sean Bean. I think he has a nice trusting face and would act as the calm to Jeannie's storm. Also I love happily married characters!

"It's been truly lovely to see you again Sally."

Bianca Fairchild
Carla Gugino
Bianca is a wealthy widow from the East whose husband died of small pox. She has stayed in Tombstone so far but leaving is usually on her mind but she doesn't have a great deal to go back home to. She is demure, unsure and lacking in self-esteem but is capable of a great deal of goodness. Her husband Charles was over bearing and cruel she is constantly eaten up by guilt about how freeing it feels to be rid of him. She develops an unlikely relationship with Sally.

Notes & Casting
Everytime I have an idea for a piece of original fiction my second thought is usually; which character can Carla Gugino play? I just think she is the best person in the world, ok? She would act the crap outta this part and she is so beautiful.

"I'm gonna get to the bottom of this girlie and you better be clean."

Marshall James Hardin
James Purefoy
Marshall Hardin is Florence's antagonist. He acts like he owns the town, has his finger in all the pies and is as dirty as the day is long. Not satisfied with just being a corrupt official Hardin has got himself entangled with some of the unsavory supernatural beings who wander the West, all in the name of power and money.

Notes & Casting
James Purefoy should be in all the tv. I loved him as Lot in Camelot and it was a shame his role was so small!

"This is the way it has been, the way it is and the way it will always be if you do not make a stand."

The Woman in White
Rachel Weisz
The Woman in White starts off as a mysterious positive supernatural force. She helps Florence and wants to see her succeed. But being good isn't so cut and dry as she is willing to make ruthless decisions when needed for the cause. She is wise, tempered and compassionate.

"You may resist now, but I'll have you too."

The Woman in Black
Rachel Weisz
The Woman in Black is the antithesis of the Woman in White. She is cruelty personified although not immune to human emotion. Her existance is fueld by sin and greed and death and so encourages it at every opportunity 'cause, boy, does she love to be alive. She is intelligent, impulsive and devious.

Both of these 'forces' have taken the human form, although not corporeal, and have the memories of Cassandra Holiday as a result of the sacrifice of her body. They are two halves of a whole that has been split and released into our reality. They are now battling for dominance; the Woman in Black is destruction while the Woman in White is creation.

Notes & Casting
Rachel Weisz is glorious and perfect. I think it would be interesting to see her play the same person but opposite aspect of the personality, it makes sense in my head? Plus I irl ship Rachel/Daniel Craig. /no shame.

Plot Notes

* Obviously this is the most anachronistic thing I have ever pulled from the depths of my brain. I did study the old West once, in the third year of my degree, monsters didn't come up once. It was disappointing. I did, however, manage to write almost entirely about prostitution the whole time. I think this show could be potentially an alternate timeline type deal, then I could throw a little steam-punk cowboy stuff in and a robot arm. They are always cool.

* Tombstone was a real silver boom town in 1877 in Arizona. The rest is completely fictitious...or is it? is.

* Originally the woman in Black/White had different corporeal forms. The Woman in white took the form of Cassandra Holiday and the Woman in Black was going to be someone who looked suspiciously like Eva Green. I decided to make White look like Cassandra because I thought Frank's dead wife coming back with her memories but not really being her, but instead some kind of benevolent force, and having no body, would be a good storyline. The tension/angst is endless. She doesn't really understand the memories/emotions she has and Frank is angry and aviods her at first but then they develop some kind of weird friendship/love. THEN I was looking at pictures of Rachel Weisz and she is smokin' and I thought 'She might be a better woman in black' THEN I thought,'SHE CAN BE BOTH!' That is like double the tension/angst. And double the amount of Rachel. We are all winners.

* Ships Cannon/plot relationships would be Florence/Jed, Jeannie/Rhett, Sally/Bianca & Frank/the Woman in White&Black. I would like to think that if this was real it's fandom would multi-ship the shit out of everyone.

* Interesting note: When I wrote this in my notebook a couple of months ago almost all the women were blonde (except Bianca) and then when I cast it they all changed to brunette (except Sally).

* All the characters would smoke and drink and it would be awesome.

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The End.

Thoughts? Suggestions? If you happen to be HBO feel free to call me.

This has been a tvrealm production :)

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