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[original Fiction] As You Wish

As You Wish.

This is the story of Henry Frank. A man with two first names but little else to say for himself. He has a boring job and a boring flat. Until one day he buys a clock and unintentionally invokes a sassy genie called Coco who is oblivious to emotions and customs but is pretty good with slang. She wants to fix his life by turning him into a sexy rockstar or something equally as cool.

This was originally started as a Nano project but I am far too slow for that! I think I bottomed out after the first week. Recently picked it up again and I'd like to finish it (or something! anything!) This is the prologue, an introduction of Coco really, sorry for the use of the word sassy in the description, I just can't help it.

Also I hate the title but I cannot for the life of me think of a good one. So i'm open to suggestions.

Recently, Las Vegas.

Coco found herself in the middle of a very important poker game at Caesar’s Palace when she felt the summoning call. The game was so important to her that she was almost tempted to ignore the gentle buzzing in her fingers and toes that pulled her towards her job, after all it had been so long since the last one, and these days they were almost always false summons anyway. And, well, if she was honest, the most pressing factor in her desire to stay was to carry on gambling. If she left now to fulfil her sacred duty Trixie Walker would win. Not even over Coco’s one thousand year old dead body would she let that happen.

The game was now down to three players. Sat around the green felt table in the gloom of a private room Coco was joined by a weedy and irrelevant gentleman whose name Coco hadn’t even bothered to remember, despite the fact they had been playing together for three days, and Trixie Walker. Smug Trixie Walker with her long dark hair and dark eyes; her unfathomable air of mystery. Trixie Walker with her Texan accent and over exposed cleavage. She was Coco’s new nemesis on earth. She couldn’t just leave and let this woman win!

Coco had two aces in her hand and there were two fours on the flop. This was her best hand all evening! There was no way Trixie could beat her, Coco was planning to take all of the other woman’s tiny, pointless plastic chips. Having a competitive spirit was new to Coco, she never realised she cared so much about winning. It’s not like she even cared about all the ridiculous human paper money she would gain. She had been bored for so many decades before she discovered the glitzy lights of Vegas gambling. So once she did she had thrown herself in with great enthusiasm (it was one of her personal beliefs that all things should be done with maximum enthusiasm) and when you live as long as Coco has you need to keep things spicy. Therefore practicing as many vices as possible was advisable, of course she had mastered smoking and drinking very early but before this gambling had never really appealed to her.

If she were to analyse herself, which she didn’t like to do, she would say her aversion probably arose because her first real experience of gambling had been out in the Frontier around the end of the nineteenth century. With all those grubby, whiskey drinking prospectors, not that they had let her into the saloon to play to begin with, as she was of the female variety, but their dirty faced rudeness had stayed with her and put her off poker for almost 300 years.

She had been with a New York born gentleman then, who’d wanted to strike gold out in the west, she had helped him on his way to becoming a tycoon until the small pox had struck him down. There was nothing she could do for him then, after all she was no God. It’s always the ones that end badly that stay with you.

Those times were so far removed from her life now. Truth be told she much preferred the now to the then, in fact she rather liked Vegas. Yes it was gaudy and over stated but somehow it worked. Everything was shiny and gold; a glittering distraction in the corner of her eye at every turn. She’d even seen a tiger at one point, it had been ages since she’d seen one of those. Vegas reminded her of a more indulgent time, so long passed.

It also helped that she turned out to be excellent at gambling (it also helped that she wasn’t exactly always playing by the rules. Not that it mattered to her, cheater is just a word losers used when they didn’t like how you beat them. Another of Coco’s rules to live by).

She felt the summoning once more. Stronger this time, it had spread to her whole body, like a rope tugging at her insides, pulling her away. She gripped tighter on her cards, fingertips turning white under the pressure and card corners bending, in an attempt to stay put. She looked down at her chips piled neatly on the green felt; blue and red and yellow disks stacked one on top of another. She didn’t want to leave all the winning but the tug was getting more and more difficult to resist.

She huffed. ‘Nothing for years! And now at this most inopportune moment,’ she thought to herself.

For what felt like two ages she had been sat around twiddling her thumbs but as soon as she got herself a useful hobby (well, maybe not useful) it was snatched away by some needy human (‘Idiot.’ She thought) who needed her life expertise. She put her cards down as graciously as she could muster in her petulant mood.

“Well, Trixie,” She nodded in the brunette’s direction and turned to the other player with a look of bewilderment as if she couldn’t understand what his purpose was, “and... man. It has been almost a pleasure, unfortunately I must leave you, I have some unexpected business to attend to.” She smoothed out some wrinkles in her dress, “It seems, through circumstance alone I must stress, that you have won this round Trixie. I do hope you will allow me to beat you in the future.”

“Whatever you want sugar.” Trixie drawled.

“Right,” Coco said and stubbed out her cigarette with finality, “I’ll be seeing you.” One more appearance primp, a snap of her fingers and she was gone.

The weedy gentleman (who had already folded his hand) looked on in mild horror and disbelief at the space only moments ago occupied by a woman. While Trixie was too busy collecting and counting her colourful winnings to care.

Comments? Criticisms? Suggestions?

Things to look forward to next chapter; we meet Henry, we get to see his boring flat, experience his boring job and learn what he eats for breakfast. I know, it's thrilling.
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