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[picspam] Silk Episode One

Made for fandomverse Big Bang Challenge for the theme Beginnings. I subtitle this picspam The One Hour in which Martha Costello became the HBIC of my heart.

Silk is a BBC drama about a badass Barrister Martha Costello and her bid to obtain Silk which means, in lawyer speak, become a member of teh Queen's Counsel, it's a very high honour or something. For those of you who don't know Barristers are like Lawyers but they wear wigs and black capes like super heroes. Anyway the plot, Martha spends her days being amazing and defending people because it's the right thing to do. Very admirable. She also has pretty hair and always wears red lip stick. Also admirable. She has a sexy posh rival in Clive Reader (awful name) played by the sexy and posh Rupert Penry-Jones (OH CAPTAIN WENTWORTH). He wants Silk too but only one of them can have it. There are also two pupils (potential barristers) one is called Nick and has lovely floppy hair and one is ANNE BOLEYN. There is also back stabbing and such in the chambers (the place where they work) THERE ARE OTHER PLOT POINTS I WONT GIVE AWAY BUT WATCH IT.

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