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We'll Walk on Hallowed Ground; a Clarice/Amanda Fanmix [Caprica]

We'll Walk on Hallowed Ground.
A Clarice/Amanda fanmix

About the Subject: There is something just so irresistable about these two to me. I have only just gotten caught up with Caprica but I already love them so much! One is a fanatical, sociopathic terrorist and the other is an insane, grieving, broken woman who doesn't have a lot else left to hold on to. What could possible make for a better relationship? Doomed status aside I love the progression of their relationship; how much Amanda depends on Clarice, how Clarice was really just using Amanda but developed feelings for her. Oh TRAGEDY. They are painfully dependent and messed up and I adore every second ♥ ♥

About the mix: True to form this mix is kind of angsty. What else could I make for these two though? This has a electronic edge with a dash of folk and some heavy crazy :) The songs were picked for feel and lyrics, some are for Amanda and Clairce's relationship (from either point of view) and others are for Amanda or Clarice individually. Anyway enjoy! ♥

Clarice:I am going back to Amanda at the cabin.
Clarice:Because it's what God wants.

One. Mourning Air ~ Portishead
Did I see a moment with you,
In a half lit world,
I'm frightened to believe,
But I must try
If I stumble, if I fall,
I'm reaching out in this mourning air.

Two. Professional Daydreamer ~ Over the Rhine
You're always listening,
I don't know what to say.
Why don't you turn and run at break-neck speed,
Just to get away.
And when you catch your breath,
Pray I said every word I meant.

Three. Sahara Mahala ~ The Jezabels
And I know I want to be with you all of my days,
On hallowed ground.
But honey, every time we go to jail;
The seeds of doubt
Come creeping.
Just keep moving
On hallowed ground.

Four. Little Hells ~ Marissa Nadler
But now it's dark
And cobwebs and rose petals
Defy her
Into the web
To go back
To the days of color

Five. Bloodstream ~ Stateless
I think I might have inhaled you,
I can feel you behind my eyes.
You've gotten into my bloodstream,
I can feel you flowing in me.

Six. Not Only Human ~ Heather Nova
Life is something set to music,
I can hear it when I'm sad.
There's a chord in every muscle,
Every kiss you ever had.
There's a power when you're near me,
In our heads or in our bones.
I know nothing but I'm guessing
When we die we're not alone.

Seven. She's So Hard ~ The Jezabels
Maybe you're just to good to me,
Or maybe you're just no use to me.
I'm all out for the war,
I guess love wasn't what I'm looking for.
I don't care when you cry,
I think self pity is a waste of time.
I'm so hard.

Eight. Dear Daniel ~ Ruby Throat
Daniel's in love with a half truth,
The whole truth is bleeding a lie.
In an ocean of stars Daniel's sleeping.
A home coming blood spilling tide.
The colour of you is for angels, the colour of you.

Nine. In the Sorrow, In the Fire ~ Halves
You know the way, you know the way.
So wait for the line you know,
Unhand us tonight, we'll flow.

Clarice: I think you might be the only person I can talk to.
Amanda:Tell me everything.

If you'd like individual songs just say :)

Comments make me happy!

Bonus! because Bear is amazing!!!! Amanda Graystone - Bear McCreary

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