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picspam; It was an invitation I simply couldn’t pass up; The Pretender

I am so late to this party I am practically a one woman fandom but I am undeterred. My love knows no bounds nor loneliness. I love this episode, the T-Board is so unnecessarily creepy (I mean, what is up with the dwarf typist and the old woman in the rocking chair? Not to mention Raines being his normal creepy, wheezy self) and Lynchian and, as always, my heart goes out to Miss Parker ♥ Whom I love with a fiery passion. (and Broots and Sydney too!) Dedicated to hihoplastic & antiqueskies for introducing me to my newest epic tv love. If you don't watch maybe you should!

Broots: What is this?
Miss Parker: It's a T-Board.
Broots: A... w-what?
Sydney: T standing for Torture.
Miss Parker: A Center tribunal, they want answer and until they get them we're not going anywhere.
Broots: You're kidding, right?
Miss Parker: Don't soil yourself Broots. They want us off balance, that's why they yanked us in the dead of night.
Sydney: They're trying to fracture us emotionally.
Broots: Well, it's working. I'm shattering. How do you know so much about this?
Miss Parker: 'Cause i've been on the other side of the glass.
Broots: H-how does it turn out?
Miss Parker: Fine...if you're on the other side of the glass.
Tags: picspam, the pretender

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