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The Future I Built with your Souls; An Adelle DeWitt Fanmix.

The Future I Built with your Souls.
An Adelle DeWitt fanmix

Seems like I really like talking about my fanmixes these days. I seem to be making them at an alarming rate! This is for dewitt_dominic's Celebration fortnight, so I think it's ok that I blew off homework and sleep to do it :)

About the Subject: What can one say about Adelle DeWitt? She is the ultimate badass and she is very British. Sometimes, in my long battle with becoming a more awesome person I ask myself What would Adelle DeWitt do? Turns out developing a drinking problem is a great coping mechanism :) But seriously Adelle is an amazing complex woman who has taken an incredibly compelling character journey during her ended-to-soon appearance on our television. Plus she rocks the high heals and pencils skirts ♥ ♥

About the mix: Again with the sad! One day I will make an 'Adelle is a Badass Mix; here are some songs celebrating this' Unfortunately this is not that day. Again with the mildly depressing with an ending that hints at hope. The usual folky-acoustic-mellow sound that comes with my mixes with maybe a few odd choices. In terms of 'when' (I love to when my mixes) It pretty much starts as we first see Adelle but then quickly moves on to the struggle she faces in the second half of season two :) I'd like to think most of it has hints of Adelle/Dominic underneath :D Especially in Last One Standing, Gave You All and Ghosts & Lovers.

I played a bad hand very well. There's a distinction. ~ Adelle DeWitt, Man on the Street.

One. Explode ~ The Cardigans
So give it up in a world full of puppets // It's a shame what they do to us all // Can we do anything for you now?

Two. God's Gonna Cut You Down ~ Johnny Cash
Run on for a long time // Sooner or later God'll cut you down

Three. Keep Breathing ~ Ingrid Michealson
The storm is coming but I don't mind // People are dying, I close my blinds

Four. Last One Standing ~ Ladytron
you said I made a bad decision // Said I made a mistake // Fatal without the recognition // But how would we know, know of that consequence // had I foreseen

Five. I Gave You All ~ Mumford & Sons
I never meant you any harm //But your tears feel warm as they fall on my forearm // How can you say that your truth is better than ours? // Shoulder to shoulder, now brother, we carry no arms

Six. Ghosts and Lovers ~ Marissa Nadler
People are looking down you say // You can feel the beat of yesterday // You drank the days away you say //Today is the same as any other day

Seven. On the Death On the Waters ~ Shearwater
From the wreck of the ark // To the fading day of our star // Turn your bow to the biggest wave // But your angel's on holiday // And that wave rises slowly and breaks

Eight. Roads ~ Portishead
Oh, can't anybody see // We've got a war to fight // Never found our way // Regardless of what they say

Nine. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) ~ Florence and the Machine
I must become a lion hearted girl // Ready for a fight // Before I make the final sacrifice

"Well, you see in the Dollhouse, things aren't always what they seem."
~ Adelle DeWitt, A Love Supreme.

If you'd like individual songs just say :)

Comments make me happy!
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