February 27th, 2006

[tng] dee;; all you can say is stimulati

Requests anyone?

This is probably quite a crazy thing to do, but since there isn't that many poeple on the Flist of this journal I thought, it can't get too scary.

Feel free to request anything you want (I have had two already) and in return I would be eternally grateful if you could pimp digitalart100 in your personal and/or graphics journals and of course come join yourselfs ;)

You can request anything off this list: Colourbars, headers, FO banners, Wallpapers, Icons. Everyone is welcome to 2 requests and please tell me in your comment where you will be pimping. Also post pictures links if you have a preference.

Feel free to request stuff from any fandom :D

I hope this works, I really want digitalart100 to get off the ground.

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