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Fic: [Buffy], Hell God's Wear Prada, and various other top end designers, Glory

Title: Hell God's Wear Prada, and various other top end designers.
Fandom: Buffy
Character/Ship: Glory
Rating: PG
Word Count: 417
Summary: Glory considers some of the pros and cons of our dimension.
Disclaimer: Don't own it. :(
Note: Written for theashgirl @ whedonland using the prompt polka dot dress. I hope you enjoy it!
Don't worry everyone! This is the last fic, I wont be spamming your flists anymore :)
Mistakes are my own and i'm not proud of them so please feel free to leave constructive criticism.

There was so much to hate in this damn dimension. She hated cars, such an ungraceful way to travel, she hated children, they served no purpose other than to irritate, in her dimension she would have put them to work (or sucked out their eyeballs), she hated men who wore socks with sandals, can nobody dress themselves? She hated humans in general, their soft, weak bodies and corruptible minds. But most of all she hated her disgusting, breathing, pulsing, good doing prison. The boy who became a man called Ben. She hated him when he was a slobbering child, muddy and inquisitive and she was too weak to escape, she hated him when he was a spotty teenager, awkward and insecure, she would have rolled her yes if she could at his pathetic attempts at dating, but most of all she hates him now. Hates that he is a doctor, somehow repenting for her glorious sins, hates that he cares. But she was manifesting more often now and she could feel him breaking under the pressure of her magnificence.

Of course there were also a few things that Glory loved. Bubbles for one thing. Bubbles in her bath, bubbles in her champagne, bubbles made of soap floating in the air (they were strangely compelling) and foamy, bubbly coffee. Extra hot. Brought to her by a scabby minion, she would never queue for it herself. She loved home make-over shows that were on the television in the daytime, she had gotten quite a few ideas for her luxury home from there. She loved tigers, zebras, jaguars, and even snakes; they all had such amazing skin (handbags, rugs, shoes, these humans could make anything from skin. In her eyes that was their only admirable quality). But most of all she loved to shop.

She loved dresses, loved handbags and shoes, jewelry, everything, anything and she wore it all fabulously. Today she had picked out a gorgeous little dress to wear, white with red dots all over it, it’s an off the shoulder piece, tight in all the right places.

She pulled the dress from its rail in her very considerable wardrobe. It’s unfortunate, she thought to herself as she caressed the silk, that they don’t make clothes like this in my dimension of hell. Maybe I’ll take Zac Posen with me. She pulled the polka dot dress over her head. Today she would find the key and then she would rule forever in hell. (Looking incredible for eternity, obviously.)
Tags: buffy, challenge, fanfic, glory
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