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Fic: [Angel] Dates Nights are Complicated in a Vampire Family, Darla/Angelus

Fic title: Dates Nights are Complicated in a Vampire Family.
Fandom: Angel
Ship: Darla/Angelus with a hint of Spike/Dru
Rating: PG
Word Count: 666
Summary: There is a party and Darla wants to go. Fanged-Four era.
Disclaimer: Don't own it. :(
Note: Written for onebrightmoment @ whedonland using the prompt Date Night. I hope you enjoy it. Angelus is hard to write! Any mistakes, tense confusion or lame-ness is my own. Please feel free to point it out and give constructive criticism.

The sun was almost setting and she was annoyed.

“Take me.” She stood in the middle of the study in her silk undergarments and thrust out her hand holding a small piece of beige card, determined look upon her delicate features.

Angelus took his time to respond, he finished the page he was reading and closed the book “I’ll take you anytime you want darlin’.” He looked up and leered.

She harrumphed, “No,” She pouted but the tiniest hint of a smile betrayed her, he was still hard to resist. “That is not what I am referring to.” Darla moved to stand in front of him. “This is.” She passed him the card.

Lord and Lady Wattington
Invite you to join them at their home
For a special birthday celebration for their daughter Miss Isabella Wattington
25th November 1880

“Where’d you get this?”

Darla removed the book from his lap and put herself there instead, snaking her hand around his neck. “I met a charming couple the other night out on The Strand. A lovely pair, Mr. and Mrs. one-thing-or-another. They told me they could talk to Lord and Lady Wattington to get me, and my esteemed Gentleman friend, an invitation of our very own to, what looks to be, the finest social gathering of the winter season. Anyone who is anyone is going to be there. I told them that that was very kind, but I really would prefer to just take their invitation. For some reason they did not object at all.” She smiled and kissed him. “It’s tonight, so hurry and get ready.” She stood up from his lap.

“Darla, you know we can’t leave those two alone at night right now.”

As if to illustrate the point there was a loud crash somewhere in the house and a great deal of squealing.

Darla huffed, “Angelus.” She petulantly stamped her foot. “We cannot let those children rule our lives. Yes, we may be a, family but sometimes the parents need to go out. Alone. You haven’t taken me anywhere in weeks.”

“You’re a great-grandparent now, Darla, that’s a lot of responsibility.” He joked and she narrowed her eyes at him. “Darla,” He tried again, more soothingly, “The boy is young, he will make a mess hunting alone and we’ll be discovered and Drusilla, well, she likes to hunt with her Daddy.” He grinned, always proud of his demonic creation.

She narrowed her eyes further, fixing him with a look that would kill a lesser man (or a man who wasn’t already dead).

“If you do not take me Angelus, it will not be worth the consequence.”


Two hours passed, the sun had set completely; Darla and Angelus were dressed (in matching shades of red, thanks to Darla) and ready to leave – with one last word of warning for the children.

“You are to stay here tonight. Do not leave the house, do you understand?”

“Yes Grandmother.”

“We’ll bring you back something to eat, just stay in precious.”

“Yes Daddy.” Drusilla smiled at him.

“Do you hear that boy?” William nodded.

“Good, come now.” Darla took Angelus’ arm.

A few silent moments passed in the townhouse.

Then, “Willie, can we play a game?” She looked at him wide eyed. “Can we play Daddy and Grandmother and go out to a fancy party, with lights and merriment?” She swayed side to side to the silent music of her mind.

“I’ve got a better idea my love,” He took her hand and pulled her toward him. “Lets go out and get us some dinner.” He grinned at her and she laughed, clapping her hands in excitement.


A few days later, sleeping in a barn in Yorkshire, Angelus thought that perhaps Darla’s wrath would have been preferable to being driven from London by a mob. He looked over at her then, disgusted at her own surroundings her face contorted with anger, seething with rage, all directed at the boy. Then again, maybe it was better this way.


Feedback and comments are appreciated.
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