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If you can't rock 'n' roll you're old.

A Stevie Nicks Picspam.
Dedicated to ballion

Is love so fragile
And the heart so hollow
Shatter with words
Impossible to follow

I have my own life
And I am stronger
Than you know

The sun is burning me
And you come runnin' out
In the wind with me
The ocean is your blanket
But I chose to dance across the stages of the world
Everyone said I'd never learn

Time casts a spell on you, but you won't forget me
I know I could have loved you, but you would not let me
I'll follow you down til' the sound of my voice will haunt you
You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you

Now here you go again
You say you want your freedom
Well who am I to keep you down
It's only right that you should
Play the way you feel it
But listen carefully to the sound
Of your loneliness
Like a heartbeat

He was no more
Than a baby then
Well, he seemed broken hearted
Somethin' within him
But the moment
That I first laid
Eyes on him
All alone on the edge of seventeen

Where is the reason
Don't blame it on me
Blame it on my wild heart

Imagine all the ways to cope
I close my eyes, that gives me hope
It cures the silence

So I'm back, to the velvet underground
Back to the floor, that I love
To a room with some lace and paper flowers
Back to the gypsy that I was

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

Every night that goes between
I feel a little less
As you slowly go away from me
This is only another test
Every night you do not come
Your softness fades away
Did I ever really care that much
Is there anything left to say

And the summer became the fall
I was not ready for the winter
It makes no difference at all
'Cause I wear boots all summer long

Rulers make bad lovers
You better put your kingdom up for sale
Did she make you cry
Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love
Is it over now, do you know how
Pickup the pieces and go home

My love is a man who's not been tamed
Oh my love lives in a world of false pleasure and pain
We come from difference worlds but we are the same
I never doubted your beauty
I've changed

I can see we're thinkin' bout the same things
And I can see your expression when the phone rings
We both know there's something happening here
Well, there's no sense in dancing round the subject
A wound gets worse when it's treated with neglect
Don't turn around there's nothing here to fear

"Better run for your life!" cried the Mad Hatter
"Alright," said Alice "I'm going back...
To the other side of the mirror
I'm going back... "

Intense silence
As she walked in the room
Her black robes trailing
Sister of the moon

Dreams unwind.
Love's a state of mind.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

WARNING: Image Heavy!
Feel free to use the images with credit but please don't edit ♥
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