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Fatty had a party and nobody came.

A Lauren Graham/Matthew Perry Picspam

I was going to begin with how I don't usually RPS but that would be a lie. There are real people I ship, but I ship them in the 'I-think-they-have-chemistry-and-are-hot' way not in the 'I-want-them-to-hook-up-and-make-babies-now-plz' way. BUT Lauren and Matthew are an exception to this. I want them to get together so bad. I know that is creepy and all kinds of weird but they are amazing together. This picspam is a result of that desire.

Hope you enjoy.

Just to get you in the mood for the ONSLAUGHT of images here is the interview Lauren did on Ellen in 2006 declaring her love for Matthew. The whole interview is amazing but around 7 minutes is when they begin to talk about Lauren's love life.

It is honestly the most adorable and awkward thing ever.

Ellen: What if Matthew asked you ok again, I think y'all would be a good couple.
Lauren: Okay.
Ellen: Really?
Lauren: yea.
Ellen: Alright.
Lauren: No, we go out all the time.
Ellen: Then just kiss him one day.
Lauren: Alright, I'll try it.
Ellen: Really?
Lauren: yea.
Ellen: Would you kiss him?
Lauren: Yea, I mean I did. But, more? OK...No, I mean he is great don't get me wrong, this is the thing i'm trying to set him up with people but somehow it's ending up sounding like 'Yea I kissed him.' But you know I kissed him, I mean I's good. You know. hmmm...I can't see my way out of this.
Ellen: I'm enjoying watching you try.
Lauren: Can you as the host help me? Can you help me?
Ellen: No.
Lauren" I...Love...Matthew Perry.

It is better in video form, I just couldn't help but translate it too ♥ Now, on with the spam.

Sundance Film Festival 2008
Lauren and Matthew went to Sundance this year to promote their film Birds of America and it was basically the greatest thing to happen. There are HUNDREDS of beautiful photos and lolarious interviews. ♥

Birds of America
This is an indie film about a dysfunctional family (What indie films are about functional families?) Where Lauren and Matthew play husband and wife. It was a pretty good film and Lauren and Matthew were amazing. Especially Lauren really because I am use to her as Lorelai.

Some photos from various red carpet/charity events Lauren and Matthew have attended together.

Studio 60
Lauren appeared as herself on Studio 60 in episode 1x06. Matthews character Matt was rude to her then hit on her. It was awesome.

Celebrity Poker
The infamous celebrity poker match. The holy grail of Matt/Lauren squee. In which Lauren was brilliant at poker and Matthew said he was 'sexually aroused by her playing'. A+

Out and About
And finally just a collection of paparazzi pictures. I am not normally a huge fan of pap photos but I can't help it.

The end.

Pictures came from Lauren-Online and perrygraham Thank you for providing them ♥ and if you have any pictures not included in this picspam please share! ♥ ♥

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