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February 12th, 2010

ronshouseelf in _icecreamman

Eddie The Eagle Says Rupert Grint Is An Excellent Casting!

A few news stories have surfaced again mentioning Rupert Grint and his involvement with the Eddie The Eagle Edwards biopic, but this new article from the Daily Mail has some slightly new information including a direct quote from Eddie and what he thinks about Rupert being cast to play him in the film!

Indeed, the Eddie The Eagle story could soon be brought to the big screen, starring Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. ‘He can’t start filming until he is clear of his Harry Potter commitments, and with everything I won’t believe it until it actually happens, but I’m quite excited,’ says Eddie.

‘The script is about more than just laughing at me. It’s looking at what I did, and what it meant. It’s about life as well as the Olympics.

‘Is it all about winning? Of course not. Even today, I always say it was never about medals. I don’t even have my participation medal on display. My gold medal was the taking part, and that will never leave me.’

And it helps, presumably, that Rupert Grint is a genuine heartthrob, almost handsome, in a certain snow-bright light? ‘Oh yes,’ he laughs. ‘That is most excellent casting.’

View the entire article via The Daily Mail here.