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Welcome to the writing LJ of iapetusneume aka "Iapetus" on fanfiction.net and adultfanfiction.net. Due to the increasing amount of odd rules and regulations on ff.net and the fact that aff.net doesn't work more often than it does, I have decided to organize a little spot on the web where people can go and see all of my stories and review them with ease. There will also come a point when I will not initially post new stories on ff.net, but will wait until they have been completed before I start to post. However, I WILL post portions of them here as teasers, and they can be viewed at your enjoyment.

Fandoms I have written for:
Sorcerer Hunters*
Inu Yasha*
GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)
Harry Potter
Rurouni Kenshin
Fruits Basket

* = Main fandoms

The ratings of my fics greatly vary - currently I have not written anything "G" rated but I have at least one fic rated for every rating from PG to NC-17. Generally, though, I focus more towards PG-13 to R.

I have a very open view on sexuality, and read (and write) relationships as I see fit. I am first and foremost a heterosexual pairing fangirl, but I also DO love slash/shounenai/yaoi. I haven't read that much in the way of femmslash/shojoai/yuri, but I have read some and liked what I saw (I haven't written any of it yet, though).

I will warn you if there is ANY sort of same-sex relationship in the author's notes of the story in question. I will also warn you if there will be any sexual activity (het or yaoi) in the AN.

Projects I'm currently working on:
-Kindred Spirits (posted on ff.net)
-Somewhere I Belong (posted on ff.net)
-Concubine (not posted yet)
-Soulmate (not posted yet)

...and various other stories. ^^ I hope you enjoy reading them. <3