HTLFAAP wine time


Heyy! Ok yea we have been very busy here with school and all but we still need new members, getting started is going to be hard but we need to get this ball rolling so PROMOTE!!! We are here now and need to get the community together!


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Hey, so i have been busy so i havent been able to do anything but maybe you could get katie to join or something because we really are hurting on memebers, if u have an idea of how we can get more let me no!


Yea so i am like really bored, lol, im waiting for my mom to get home so i can go over to jessicas, it will be lots of fun! Yea so i made some changes to the user info so julia take a look and tell me what u think! Dont forget to put a banner in ur user info! I made one its really stupid, but i didnt feel like spending a lot of time on it. Hehe we need to get people to join so were not the only ones!