The memories never fade

I Remember...
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This is a comunity where you list things of your past that you remember or things of the worlds past such as events, tv shows, time periods, actors/actresses, movies, fahsion statements, ect. This comunity will not look down on anyones personal opinoin or on any other personal accounts. We welcome diversity and originality.

The one most important rule is that you must begin your entry with "I remember" as that is the point of this comunity. Please if your post is too long put it behind an lj-cut. Follow the basic lj rules or ELSE!

this comunity is aware or simalure comunities of the basic idea. These comunities are: _i_wish, i_feel, i_hate, i_hope, i_love, i_miss, i_think_that, i_want

Your wonderful Creator is: deadlywhsiper
your neighborly moderator is chriswanders