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I remember almost canceling my blind date thinking it would be a waste of time to go. My friend who set up the blind date convinced me to go anyway. I'm glad I did. If I hadn't gone I wouldn't have met Julie. Now, it's been nearly six months that we've been together. We are deeply in love and want to get married someday.


Name: Carrie

Age: 22

Location: Canada

Tell us about you: I'm a pre-op and pre-HRT transwoman. Been living as a woman for nearly 14 months.

Anything else you'd like to add: My top favorite colors are pink and purple.
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I remember orientation day for high school. We made plastic keyrings with Ms Fensaleau, having maths with Ms Sotirio and playing name games and meeting Jessica Nia (she was my first friend at Melbourne Girls).

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I remember when I thought that we would always be friends forever. Although we havent really seen or spoken to each other much over the past six years, the friendship is still there. Maybe we will be friends forever, maybe we wont. I dont know. I dont even know if I believe in friends forever anymore. What I can say, is I will always remember and cherish the friendship we had and still have.

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I remember...  when I had a mesquito went inside my mouth, when I was swinging upside on the monkey bars.  YUCK!!!
Feeling the mesquito buzzing in my mouth and flew out of my mouth.  Ewwwwwwwwwww
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Name:  Ana~


Location:    Northern Virginia

Tell us about you:   I love art, coffee, animals, nature, books, all kinds of musics, and autumn/ early spring seasons

Anything else you'd like to add:  I am a night owl, and I enjoy drawing pictures *when I am in the mood, I will draw*

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I remember when I always felt I had to apologise when I had had a fight with someone, even if it meant saying that my opinions or feelings were wrong. I've since realised that I dont have to do that. My opinions and feelings are just that, mine, and I shouldnt have to conpromise them for anything.