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I remember when I first started to contemplate joining cadets. I was in year 8, and Ms Hookey and some of the cadet girls came into our English class to do a presentation on it for us. Catherine, Shelley and I were hooked on the idea of getting our First Aid certificate for virtually nothing. That was our main reason for even thinking of joining. In the end only Shelley and I joined. I personally think of it as one of the best choices I have ever made. Through cadets I made some of my best friends, and I'm almost positive that without joining the program, I wouldnt be friends with the people I call my best friends now.
For all the bitching and complaining I made about cadets, I did enjoy it for the most part. There were some very hard moments involved with wearing that uniform, one in perticular, but I dont regret it.
Without cadets, I never would have developed the friendship I have with strangelyshaded that I have today.
Her friendship is the main thing I thank cadets for.

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