January 23rd, 2006

To my ex-husband

I remember when... we would walk around Hong Kong market and buy whatever struck our fancy. I remember all those fun, new tastes, and a few funky ones. We discovered udon and tom-yum and twenty lb bags of jasmine rice and spicy hot golden curry. We would walk for miles and miles in the middle of the night and play DDR until we passed out, sinking deep into your arm bed, swathed in blankets, hiding in each other's arms, hiding in our dreams. I remember still loving you as you hugged me good-bye, and I left for the west coast never to hear you say 'I love you' again. I kept loving you, however, until the romantic love I held for you quietly passed away into oblivion, but I still hold love for you, even today. I recieved the final divorce decree Thursday... or was it Friday? It bought back so many memories, and held inside of it the finality, the true death of something that was--once upon a time--beautiful. It feels tragic, to me, the death of something once so sacred. It's like seeing a unicorn impaled; a fairy's wings ripped off. I hope neither of us have to suffer something like that ever again.

Best wishes to you Don, from Jenny.
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