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we love our vehicles

more than our moms

a community for people who love to show off their
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is for everyone who loves their vehicles with a passion, whether your parents gave you a brand new Saturn Vue, or you bought a 10 year old caravan off of your grandfather with pocket change.

There are only 2 rules for joining:
o1. with your first entry, you must post a picture of you with your car. (this would make sense ^-^) however, if it is necessary, you may post two seperate pictures of (1) you, and (2) your car or truck.
o2. if you dont have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. this is just for fun!

o1. You may post as many pictures as you want. Please, we invite you to be camwhores, though an lj-cut would be appreciated if there are more than three and/or if they are huge.
o2. this community isn't just for cars, trucks, semis, 3-wheelers and other forms of transportation are also included, there just wasn't enough room for the username to be "i love my vehicle" (!!)
03. if you know another lj user that loves their car or has a cool one, please invite them. the more, the merrier.