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We Love "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" <333
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About Us
This is a community for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" fans. If you love Tim Burton or Johnny Depp, or anything else that has to do with the new movie, feel free to join!
Dear People of the World
1. // Be nice. This is a friendly community.

2. // Please don't post about how stupid you think the movie was. This community is for fans, and no one will like you if you're mean.

3. // Please put all images and icons under a cut.

4. // If you post icons made by other users, GIVE THEM CREDIT. If you don't, your post eill be deleted.

If you don't follow the rules, your post will be deleted. If it happens again, no question, you're out.

This isn't a requirement, but if you join, please post a little bit about yourself and a bit about the new movie. You can write about your favorite parts, you can write about your favorite Oompa songs, you can write about how hot you think Johnny Depp is, you can write about anything. Just please do keep it appropriate and on-topic.

Above all, have fun!
"This is a stick of the most amazing most sensational gum in the entire universe! Know why? KNOW WHY?!?!"
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