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the intro post...i'm a late bloomer thanks to soapnet

1. I like the O.C. for so many reasons, I love the characters, the music, the humor, i love Sandy and what a good guy he is, i love seeing seth be a cool guy in a way thats not considered cool by the powers that be, it's funny, it's great, i love it...
2. Who is your favorite character and why? That's really tough. I think, overall it's a tossup between seth and ryan. I love how ryan has turned his life around.
3. What is your favorite episode? so far, i'm only up to the mallpisode, but i really liked the one before, the rain one. i liked the scene where seth and ryan wont cross out in the rain to see each other.
4. If you could rate how obsessed you are with The OC from 1-10, 10 being extremely obsessed, what would you be? definitely 7
5. Have you ever cried during an episode? If so, which one(s)? that's embarassing, i cried a little during the rain episode because it was really sad, for so many reasons.
6. What's a quote from an episode you like?
"there was paul frank sale, i figure that's more important than the fall of the Ming Dynasty. I mean, what am i supposed to learn? that opium is gnarly?"-Summer

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