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Slash for everyone

... leave ur shoes at the door! ... and don't mess up my carpet!!!

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My name is Kat, or Raven. Any who, I am a dedicated slash fan! I slash the following: CSI, Linkin Park, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and plenty of others!


1. Please post Fics, Icons, or anything else under the cut! I don't wanna hurt you! ... Just kidding! But place those thigs under the cut!

2. No bad mouthing me! I don't like that! Be nice in my community! I don't wanna really hurt someone ... again.

3. You may post NC17 fics, just put a header on things like that! I will read everything. And again ... BE NICE TO THE MEMBERS!!!

4. Criticism is welcome! Just be kind about it!

5. Enjoy this community!