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Hello. Here's a lotrips fic featuring billy/dom (or monaboyd if you will) which I've written for a challange at called "tattoed and screwed challange" in the name of cheering the lovely hostess up! so here it is! enjoy!


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The first fic! ... by me!

Title: Far from lonely
Author: Kat Bennoda
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Greg/Gil
Rating: PG-13 Angst and rape
Feedback: YES! This is my first CSI slash fic, and I really wanna know what you think!
Summary: Greg gets raped! (That should explain about everything) I had to re post it!
Disclaimer: I do not own CSI, all these characters belong to CBS and … the guy who created the show…I am sorry I don't know his name…anyways, please don't sue me, I only have a quarter.
Author's Note: Thank you Milie! Came up with this story in my dreams! Oh and it was cool, It was sad and beautiful! * Cry *

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Welcome everyone!

Hello to the peoples!
This id my first community! I really hope to have alot of members! And alot of friends!
Feel free to post what you like, perferablly CSI, Linkin Park, Harry Potter, LOTR, are my faves! Well I just wanted to say HI! And Welcome!
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