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Hello, fellow shippers.

Are you searching for a H/D challenge community, one that's smallish and unique?

If so, miettes_desmots might be the place for you!

For a long time we were afloat, but in the past few months, RL has crept up on a lot of our members. But it would pain us so much for our lovely little place to die!

miettes_desmots is a one-shot cookie challenge community. Every month, our users can participate, if they so choose. Towards the end of the month, you give out your challenge, in the form of 3 keywords and one line of dialogue. The mods then give out the randomized challenges in the beginning of the month, and they are due back by the end of the month! It is SOOO much fun to see what someone will make of your keywords and dialogue. It is NEVER what you think it will be! And there is such a wide variety of cookies, from everything to romance, smut, angst, fluff, flangst (of course!), darkfic, and EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN.

Believe me when I that this community is fun-loving, mature, and totally amazing to be a part of. Come join miettes_desmots... we would LOVE to have you!


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