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Of sex and chocolate.

Title: Of sex and chocolate.
Author: Devilfancy
Summary: sex, chocolate and Draco's cherry
Warnings: m/m sex, ruination of many diets
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17 (You know I mean it.)
Wordcount: 2754

Dedicated to Jemalfoy who inspired me to more wickedness. *smirk*

Disclaimer: all characters are the property of JK Rowling.

His boyfriend was spread out across his bed, in silk underwear waiting for him to retrieve the cherries from the kitchen. They had talked back and forth about food play, but had never done it…..  until now.

Draco Malfoy had just burst in the door, thrown his briefcase and wand on the floor and walked towards him wearing a business suit, charcoal gray and expensive looking. The blond stalked over to him kicking off his shoes. He somehow managed to get almost completely undressed before he reached a now panting Harry Potter on the other side of the room and then just straddled his lap in nothing but black silk boxers. Draco looked him straight in the eye with a devilish grin on his face.

“I want you to fuck me now.” He purred.

Well, of course that was enough for Harry, he began to devour his lovers sweet pink lips with enthusiasm. Draco pressed hard on his mouth, his tongue just forced itself in, then he wrapped his lips around the Gryffindor’s tongue and promptly sucked it into his greedy mouth.

 Draco started grinding, bulge on bulge, leaving a trail of wetness that the boxers did nothing to absorb, on the brunets jeans. He grabbed the top of Harry’s T-shirt and just pulled, not happy until they were both bare chested.

“What’s gotten into you?” Harry gasped.

“I want to fuck my boyfriend.” he said nibbling an earlobe, “Is there anything wrong with that?”

“No there’s no problem with that, but you don’t just usually come home from work and attack me like this, what’s up?” Harry groaned arching up as the blond nibbled at a particular spot on his neck that always drove him wild.

“I just started thinking at work.”

“About what?”

Draco drew back and gave him an absolutely wicked smirk as he held his hand up.

“Accio chocolate sauce!”

He gave him a grin that was pure Slytherin as the bottle smacked into his hand, “I’ve been fantasizing about chocolate sauce and cherries.”

“Mmmmmm,” Harry licked his lips, “It’ll be messy but I’m game.”

After this he thought he’d never look at cherries or chocolate again without getting a hard on. Draco climbed off his lap and headed to their bedroom, “ Get the cherries, Ill be  lying on the bed and waiting for you.”  he grinned lasciviously.

Harry hadn’t moved yet, he was just thinking about what Draco would look like with dark chocolate covering that creamy white skin. Then he wondered what they were going to do with the cherries, were they going to feed each other? Or did the naughty blond have something else in mind?

Harry sprinted to the kitchen, his sock clad feet nearly sliding from underneath him on the kitchen floor. He went into the refrigerator and got the basket of cherries he had bought just a few days ago, he liked to indulge himself in a sundae every so often, though now, he smirked, he’d have his favorite snack and his favorite boytoy at the same time.

He went back into the bedroom carrying the ripe red fruit; Draco had pulled the covers down off the bed, and was just lying on the white satin sheet, in his black underwear. Harry didn’t want to ask him what to do next, thinking the blond would just give him a dumb look, so he just went for it, stripping down to his boxers and moving toward the bed. Slowly he worked the silk underwear down across Draco’s hips then pulled them off and tossed them to the floor.

He pulled the top on the bottle of chocolate. Draco’s eyes were closed and Harry just started pouring. When the chocolate first fell on him, the blond jumped with a startled sigh, and then settled down and just closed his eyes again and let him pour. He started at the long elegant neck, and made a straight line all the way down the muscular body.

He got creative, drawing a little bull’s-eye around the stiffening cock, then drizzled  it slowly across the swollen balls. On his stomach he made a design of interesting runes. He made stripes down his legs and the blond began to moan, opening his legs wider.

Harry put the chocolate sauce down, wanting to taste his lovers sweet body. He licked every inch of him, down his neck, over his chest causing his nipples to stand at stiff attention. Down his stomach, as Draco moaned out, then he got to the place between his legs, the brunet began to lick where the sticky sauce clung to his shaved balls, he licked all the chocolate off, tasting the chocolate and the delicious tangy male taste of his lover.

He began to get as excited as Draco had been, he wanted to taste all of him covered in chocolate. He began moaning excitedly, rubbing more chocolate all over his milky white torso and down his legs.

Harry laid on top of him covering himself with the chocolate that was all over his boyfriends lovely body. Putting a bit of chocolate on his finger, he rubbed some into his full pink lips, and then clamped his lips to the blonds, it was the most delicious kiss they’d ever had. Then he started licking the rest of him, Draco squealed as he cleaned off all the chocolate, especially when he got to the hard little nubs of his nipples. He brought one of the nipples into his mouth and it was like a chocolate covered cherry, and then the next completely cleaning it, with a swish of his tongue.

After thoroughly laving his stomach, he got to the chocolate covered cock. His tongue began licking the length of Draco’s thick sex, tasting him and tasting the rich chocolate. Harry greedily lapped him up and down, drinking the chocolate and his juicy pre-cum at the same time.

Draco raised up and pulled his mouth from his cock, “It’s time for the cherries.” he panted.

He’d almost forgotten about the cherries, what do they do with the cherries?
He handed the fruit to Draco then grinned as the Slytherin began to place the ripe little berries at strategic places all over his chocolate covered body.

“I’ve already taken your cherry once Malfoy,” Harry quipped, “ but ill be more than happy to do it again.” then ducked as he was almost swatted.

Slowly he lowered his mouth to nibble the cherry on Draco’s left nipple, circling it with his tongue and suckled, then moved over to give the other nipple the same treatment before kissing his way down to fish out the cherry in his bellybutton, pausing to explore the small crevice with the wiggling muscle.

“Gods! You’re driving me crazy!” The blond squirmed, pushing Harry away.

“Come here to me, its your turn.” Draco murmured.

Harry didn’t need to be told twice.

Once standing in front of him, Draco pulled at the red boxers and they pooled around his ankles. Harry dripped a little chocolate on the head of his prick, watching as it trickled down across the veined flesh. Draco leaned toward Harry with a hungry look in his gray eyes and began to caress the throbbing cock with his lips and tongue, then he took the entire gooey member into his mouth. The blonds lips were stroking up and down, then Harry got an idea, still holding the chocolate sauce he began dribbling the dark liquid on his own cock. When Draco would reach the head of his cock, he’d pour chocolate along the rest of his shaft, and watch as he devoured it and the chocolate making his lips become covered with the sticky stuff.

Draco  moaned, as he tasted the chocolate covering a part of Harry he already loved to lick and suck while the Gryffindor just enjoyed watching the blond clean off all the chocolate and then he’d pour some on again.

Gently, Draco took the throbbing meat between his lips and slowly sucked it, holding it, as his tongue moved over it, and at the same time, moved one hand from his hip and slid two sticky gooey fingers into Harry’s ass. So wet, there was no resistance, as he crossed the fingers, twisting and turning, plunging them deeply into the tiny opening, then out, then back in, the sounds from Harry’s throat becoming strangled cries. As he felt his orgasm rising, he could no longer hold out, Draco withdrew the fingers, and formed a wedge with a third, which he plunged back into him, filling him, fucking him, as his lips held his cock hostage on his tongue now moving over it constantly in time to the plunging.

He grabbed Draco’s hair by the roots in two handfuls, and thrust his blond head down onto his waiting cock. Finally, with a sharp upward movement of his hips against the invading digits and Draco’s face, Harry’s body arched in ecstasy. He thrust again and again at the parts of his lover bringing him so much pleasure. A low guttural moan came from deep inside the Gryffindor's throat, and in one final paroxysm of pleasure, the blond sank his fingers deeply into him.

 Draco felt Harry’s anal muscles gripping his fingers, his cock hard and throbbing between his lips, and the extra fluid of the sauce coating his fingers, blending deliciously with the chocolate sauce coating his lips and face.

Again and again, he felt the muscles squeeze, until with a final moan of pleasure, Harry’s trembling body fell back on the bed, chest heaving with exertion, writhing on the fingers still deep inside him.

With the image before him, the feeling of the gooey chocolate sauce, and the suction of full lips, Harry felt his climax burning in the pit of his tummy. He gurgled a warning, but the greedy Slytherin kept going, then his cock pulsated and filled Draco’s mouth with his thick white cum. White semen and dark chocolate went sliding down that elegant throat then the blond licked him until there was no speck of chocolate or cum left on his now softening cock.

Draco released him from his mouth and looked up at him with an evil  smile plastered on his face. He had chocolate all around his mouth, looking like a kid that has just eaten a plate full of chocolate icing. Harry bent down to the blond and kissed him deeply, then he cleaned all the sauce from around his mouth, when they had separated, Draco looked down at his body and laughed. It was becoming slightly sticky.

“I guess we need to take a shower now.” Harry said, with a satisfied smile on his face from enjoying their little chocolate fantasy.

“Oh no you don’t,” Draco smirked as he crawled up on the bed, leaning back against the headboard, “ I’m far from through with you yet.”

Passing him the bottle of chocolate sauce, Harry turned around and straddled Draco’s lap with his back to him, moving back so he could support himself on his knees, Draco’s fingertips exploring his arsecrack as he slicked his penis with the sugary goo. A cold, sticky wet finger traced around the Gryffindor’s arsehole, spreading the syrup around, then he added some more, and Harry felt his long finger push inside and twist. He could feel a second slimy finger touching the edge below the first, and he pushed back just a little as Draco pushed that in too, making him gasp as the blond pushed them in as far as he could, and began finger fucking the moaning brunet, letting him relax around them. Pulling them out he put his left hand on Harry’s narrow hip, and then the tip of his hot, hard, chocolate covered cock tickled at his entrance.

Harry pushed back and down, trying to relax tense muscles enough to admit the wide dick pressing against his sphincter, feeling the tip poke inside, then more of the head slid in, stretching him until he ached, then just before he thought it would be too painful if he went any further down, he felt the edge of the head slip inside him. Pausing for breath, he pushed down further, biting his lip, sensing the thickness sliding up inside, shifting position occasionally when Draco pressed his tight insides from the wrong angle, but managed to keep going. It seemed about five minutes, he was going so slowly, but somehow he was able to go more or less all the way down, then began to lift himself up and down, the pleasure he was getting overriding the slight pain fairly quickly, the muscles relaxing a little more each time to make it easier.

Acknowledging the awkwardness of their position, Draco lifted Harry off and stood up, ordering him up on all fours. Harry obeyed quickly, kneeling on the bed, resting on his elbows, the blonds right leg up touching his as he braced himself, with one foot on the bed and his other foot on the floor and grasped him bruisingly around the waist. His stiff cock pushed once more into Harry’s arsehole, forcing it inside steadily, and the boy who lived moaned as it slid into his slightly sore anus, the pressure on his prostate quite delicious, until he felt the front of the blonds thighs bouncing off his buttocks. Draco pulled almost the whole way out, leaving the head in for the brunets muscles to twitch tight around, then thrust back in, getting into a steady rhythm, pulling the yelping brunet back hard towards him, Harry’s softened but still semi-erect dick swinging with the force of each thrust.

Leaning forwards and bringing his other leg up on to the bed so he was crouched over his lover, ”Touch yourself!” he demanded.

The blonds chest pressed against his back, he grunted blissfully right in Harry’s ear as he thrust slightly down, speeding up until he had to resume standing. Harry’s moans had now changed to a low cry of "oh!" every time Draco rammed his shaft deep inside him, long legs slapping against his loudly from the force of his thrust and the speed he was jerking his hips back. He would slow down a bit, holding the Gryffindor in place while he moved his hips back and forth so the entire length of his penis slid in and out of Harry's aching arsehole rather than most of it staying in with short fast thrusts, pushing him back down and growling when the brunet tried to lift himself up to shift position.

Awkwardly, Harry twisted around so they could kiss, although this mostly turned into a kind of tongue fight as their lips couldn't quite fit together comfortably, then Draco pulled away again, his lips instead wrapping around his lovers  ear and kissing and licking down his neck, slight stubble scraping lightly against Harry’s skin. He pulled him closer, grabbing one shoulder with his left hand, trying to get more leverage as he pounded himself into that tiny hole, his taut stomach muscles pressed close to Harry’s back when the blonds arm slipped under and around him, then his left hand went from the shoulder to tangle in the Gryffindor’s messy hair, pulling on it as he drove his cock harder and faster until Harry got so lost in sensation that he just surrendered completely, jerking roughly on his own cock, letting Draco thrust brutally into his arse, the brunets body shaking so hard from the pleasure of the stimulation that he could barely stay upright on his weak limbs.

Suddenly, Draco gave a big thrust and stayed inside him, his body tensing and head lifting up, he let out a cry as he came, cock forcing deep as he unloaded every last drop, his face contorted as he climaxed, and Harry felt a hot liquid sensation burst inside him. Wanking faster, and turned on by Draco’s hot seed filling his arse, Harry’s orgasm soon followed, the Slytherin’s thick cock spurting inside him intensifying it to new levels, so he felt he might black out, and the explosion of pure ecstasy from his balls spread throughout his whole body, spunk spraying uncontrollably all over his own hand. Finally it subsided, and his whole body went limp, hand slipping off to leave a sticky trail over the bed as they lay still entwined, bodies now glistening with sweat as well as chocolate.

“So Potter,” Draco smirked at his exhausted partner, “was my cherry as good the second time around?”


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