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Hypoglycemia Support

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Tired of being tired? Sick of feeling anxious and depressed? Want to learn to control it?

From Roberta's latest best seller "The Do's and Dont's of Hypoglycemia" An Everyday Guide to Low Blood Sugar" ...If you think you may be going crazy; if you have thoughts of suicide; if you're constantly exhausted, anxious and depressed; if you go weeks without a decent night's sleep; if your personality changes like the flip of a coin; if a counter full of munchies doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth; and if your doctor thinks you might be a hypochondriac because medical tests don't show anything physically wrong with you - don't despair, there's hope!

This is YOUR community. Keep it active, please!

General posts about hypoglecemia can be made public; all others, please make make friends only. Thank you. ♥