People with diabetes increasing every second

Now a day people with diabetes is increasing every second and the statistic by the year 2000 shows there are 171 million people with diabetes and it will be expected to rise to 366 million by the year 2030.

Among many countries India is consider as the headquarter of diabetes, followed by China, USA, Pakistan and so on.

I have just uploaded an informative video regarding diabetes statistic and it is available in Youtube the url is Diabetes Statistic Information - join hands with to fight against diabetes. I request you all to have a look and give your feedback and request you all to join hand to fight against diabetes and stop its increasing number.
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Hi there I was also diagnosed as hypoglycemic since 6th grade.  But last year, (yes i know i shouldn't done it.)  I was working  but didn't have time for eating so the whole day i had a snickers bar, and a mini pack of potato chip.  that was it. After work I went to my best friend's house and we drank some crown and coke (I was already feeling low.)  uh well i don't know what happened after that, apparently i was dancing around and then i laid down on her bed, but after a few minutes she touched me (I was very out don't remember any of this,) and my body was shaking uncontrollable, she said my eyes were open too but I "wasn't there" and my whole body was cold.  Yes i did end up in the ER that night, i guess they said it was a seizure but does anyone know if hypoglycemia and seizures are alike?  I am just wandering, anyway the lesson here, is don't go the whole day w/ o food.  I learned it the hard way. 


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Hey kids, let's keep this group active.  I'll be changing alot of things and inviting more people within the next week.

I'm sorry I've been such a crappy moderator for the past year.

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So here I was, thinking that I had this whole blood sugar thing more or less under control...

But you know that blood sugar drop that happens around when you normally eat? Well, now they're getting worse.. as in zero to queasy in not enough time to fix the issue. Both for dinner time and breakfast, which is much fun as I now barely have time to pee before I have to eat.

I'm eating too much candy during the day still, but I've cut back a bit recently.


(also, my internet access is somewhat sporadic, your responses will be read and appreciated, but it might not be tomorrow....)

Off to try to eat something :S
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Anything above 20 is considered to be at risk.
You are at a higher risk to have Hypoglycemia. Please see a doctor for further test.


Since you are at a higher risk of having hypoglycemia, we suggest that you read The Do´s and Dont´s of Hypoglycemia. You might also want to read our section on the Hypoglycemia Diet for more helpful information!

The graph above does not measure your risk on a percent basis. This is not a test that if you score 70% or above you pass. Your risk is detirmined by the total points that you scored. A total score of less than (20) twenty is within normal limits. A higher score is evidence of probable adrenal insufficiency and/or deranged carbohydrate metabolism (Hypoglycemia), and would indicate further testing.

The information contained herein is not intended as medical advice. Its intention is solely informational and educational. It is assumed that the reader will consult a medical or health professional should the need for one be warranted.

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