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(mod) PLEASE VOTE ON THIS POLL. I come in peace D:

Due to much controversy, I am posting the following poll. Please vote on it. Your voices should be heard and this is the best way for us (the mods) to see your opinions laid out for us.

Poll #913445 Fanfiction y/n?

Should _hydeist no longer allow fanfiction?

YES. Fanfiction can be posted elsewhere and I feel fanfiction clogs the community.
NO. I enjoy reading/writing fanfiction that is posted here.
WHATEVER. I don't really care either way.

If you have other alternatives (i.e. banning only NC-17 or not Hyde/Megumi fanfiction, etcetc) please let me know via the comments of THIS entry.

You can refer to the last mod post for more information on why fanfiction may be banned from the community. At this point, we will not be accepting fanfiction until we get a satisfactory answer. If more people vote "no" than "yes," fanfiction will be allowed back into the community.

Although this is a public post, I ask that only people who are interested in staying members of this community vote on it. If you are not a member of the community or have already decided to leave it, regardless, please try not to vote on it. Thanks :)

Special thanks to helholden and missymw88 and everyone else who voiced their opinions in civilized manners. ♥

xo, shiz & mods.

Oh, and on a personal note, I publicly apologize for anything offensive I may have said in response to comments last entry.

edit: LOL okay I forgot to mention when I'd be closing the poll. I'm thinking I will close it this coming Wednesday? 8:00 EST. How does that sound?

Oh, and I'm going to say straight out that I'm bogged down with schoolwork today so you might not get replies from ME to your comments... I am reading them, though :) You guys are making some great points. Thanks for your input!

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Greetings _hydeists,

....... yes, I still exist. I'm Shiz and I was one of the two "founders" of this community and I'm embarassed to say that I haven't made a mod post here in like... months?


I'll give you a moment to process that.

Yes, you heard me... fanfiction is no longer allowed at _hydeist. Any fanfiction posts will be promptly deleted, posters of fanfiction will be warned, and repeat offenders will be banned from the community. There are many factors that led to our decision to keep fanfiction out of this community; for one, there are SO many communities dedicated to Hyde/J-rock fanfiction out there and pretty much every fanfic post we have here is crossposted to at least one other place.

If you are a fanfic writer and you depend solely on _hydeist to post your writings, I have a list of Hyde-related fanfic communities Collapse ).

Feel free to comment here with your thoughts but know that it's very likely this rule will not change. _hydeist is not a Hyde fanfiction community, but a Hyde community, and most of the people who join it aren't looking for their daily Sakura/Hyde/Miyavi fix but for news on Hyde's solo plans, reviews of Hyde's music, etcetera. If anyone wants to make a general Hyde fanfiction community, please link it here and we'll affiliate with it :D I'd make one myself but I'm not a big fan of Hyde fanfiction so yeah...

RIGHT. Again, please comment with any thoughts/concerns/complaints/proposals/etcetera. Thank you for your cooperation and have a very good week!

xo, shiz & mods.

edit: omg lol 3 more comments on this post and we will have 333 which, when multiplied by 2, equals 666. D:

edit2: Hm, I just had an idea D: What if I were to edit the rule slightly so that I emphasized what I'm really trying to get at: what if any fanfiction or fanart that could be posted here was stuff you could post at Hyde's official BBS or something; for example, you wouldn't post fanfiction slashing Hyde with his friends, nor would you post NC-17 fanfiction of Hyde with his wife. Similarly, you wouldn't post graphic fanarts of Hyde or Hyde and another person. However, you would post fanfictions about Hyde or his friendship with people or his romantic relationship with his wife, asking yourself the question "Would I want Hyde to see this?" first.

If commenting about this idea, please make a new comment instead of replying to old threads :) That way no one will have to hunt around.

edit3: PLEASE VOTE ON THIS POLL. Thank you. :)

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[MOD] D: a few questions...

Greetings, "Hydeist"s,

It's Shiz here D: You know, that mod of yours? I have a few questions for you guys in hopes of improving the community, especially since we like... never have any big happy community events anymore...

Firstly, how do you guys feel about graphics being posted here? I noticed there've been a lot of [beautiful ♥!] icon posts and stuff and while I enjoy seeing fan-made creations, I know a lot of communities like dears have made separate branches just for graphics in order to prevent err... graphical buildup. XD; So, are we okay with seeing graphics posts here or would we rather have them in a separate place devoted to hyde graphics?

And also, how do you feel about the way this community is run? I realize I've been neglecting it a little as of late, mainly because these next two weeks are the big FINAL EXAM weeks so yeah... Do you have any improvements to suggest? You have to realize first that XD; we aren't exactly able to hold contests with really cool prizes... I know a lot of other communities hold contests with posters and singles as prizes, but I can't mail things or even buy things [;O; *job-less!*] and yeah... XD; And plus, my computer crashed so I can't even give out graphic or hydefilepack prizes. ;O; woe.

And if you have any other suggestions, please give them :D!! We're still hoping for a meetup in San Francisco, but I'm going to wait for winterkill to get back from Japan before we plan any of that [plus I'm STILL not toootally sure I'm going. D: *very last-minute*]

Yup XD That's all for now folks! We have a few affiliates I've been meaning to add to the userinfo... I'll get around to that soon :D;;;;...

shiz & the mods D: <3

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