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Hyde items for sale! :)

Hi Guys,

I came across the following items and are up for sale on ebay.
check em out! :)

HYDE Roentgen Stories Japan DVD

Hyde Faith Live (Tour 2006) Japan DVD

Both items are in excellent condition - only watched once or twice.


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VAMPS Arena Tour

Just read it in natalie: Vamps are playing in Osaka jo hall (26/11and 27/11) and Yoyogi (7/12 and 8/12):



VAMPSが明日6月22日より開催する全国ツアー「VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST」に、アリーナ会場での追加公演4公演が決定した。





VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST アリーナ公演


2010年11月26日(金) 大阪府 大阪城ホール
2010年11月27日(土) 大阪府 大阪城ホール
2010年12月7日(火) 東京都 国立代々木競技場第一体育館
2010年12月8日(水) 東京都 国立代々木競技場第一体育館


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hyde filming around part 2

download part 2 here

part 2 is about: hyde continues to film half of the ppl's body~ and some guys evn pose for him to film lol^^
and he shows wat is inside the kiss album~ in the begining u see him doin his photoshoot then moves on to filmin ppl's bodies

download here

feel free to share the link around~ since i dont noe much of hyde comm. in lj XP
sry dont noe if i can post here, if not mods can delete it

part 1 is under cut

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[MOD] please read :D

Greetings, Hydelings ☆...

It's me, Shiz, one of the two founders of this community :D [betcha forgot about me, eh >;D?] I wasn't going to update about the concert until the whole tickets issue was settled but I realized that the confusion over where exactly HYDE is performing wasn't going to settle down easily so xD; I'm hoping I can stop the madness, if you will.

As I understand, an artist by the name of Hyde is performing at the House of Blues in Anaheim and I've seen scattered people give more information about this mystery musician, but he's not our Hyde. So do not buy tickets for the concert unless you want to immerse yourself in the unexpected music of Hyde #2 [our HYDE being the original, of course ;D] There has been no official statement saying that there is no concert at Anaheim, or at last not from what I've seen, but I'll tell you this...

DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING unless it comes from TOFURECORDS or HYDE'S OFFICIAL SITE. [Fansites and fan forums are NOT reputable no matter how long they've been on the net.] This applies to all concerts; some of you might have experienced the chaos of rumored Dir en grey appearances in well over fifteen cities in the US, when in fact there was no such thing. I can faintly remember a witty saying that can apply to this situation involving things coming out of someone's mouth [...] but xD I've forgotten it so just pretend I have inserted a witty saying here :D;;

From now on, any posts about the "Anaheim HYDE concert," whether they be posts asking questions about it or trying to confirm it without official evidence, will be deleted. xD So. In other words. Don't bother. There is no concert as far as we can see and any posts made about the concert will be put down in the "Spreading Rumors"TM category, just like all those Hyde and Megumi divorce posts [except not quite so severe. D: We'll call the divorce posts Fifth Degree Spreading Rumor posts.]

In any case, good luck buying tickets to the confirmed San Francisco concert !! :D If I manage to get my hands on tickets [;O; yes, I'm in your boat too. *weep*], I'll see you there ;D We'll talk about _hydeist community meetings or whatnot once the lucky group has their tickets.

Remember :o Repetitiveness [is that even a word??] is bad. Check previous posts for your concert or any HYDE-related questions... if they've been asked and/or answered, please don't waste your time :<


* shiz.

[edit: I'm realizing that this might not have come through clear: If HYDE actually does announce a concert at Anaheim... well. D: Then you may continue your posting.]

[edit2: Oh, and I've deleted a bunch of past Anaheim posts btw. Those that I didn't delete had useful information in comments :o]